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Hats off in Toronto


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TORONTO, ONTARIO -- It's raining hats, hallelujah, it's raining hats; Lester Green [4] and Asher Reinhart [3] both enjoyed hattricks in Toronto's 7-6 overtime victory against the London United yesterday. Some thought both individuals would have been moved [traded] before the leagues' set transaction deadline, but the freezing hour arrived with both players remaining on the roster. For the dwindling number of fans at Ricoh Arena, well they can thank the heavens that both of them weren't traded, as they nearly single handedly delivered one of the more entertaining games played on home ice this season. 

Asher Reinhart would open the scoring early in the first period, however London would eventually carry a 2-1 lead going into the second frame with perceivably all the momentum. Intermissions can be a strange phenomenon in any organized sport, and perhaps some words of encouragement reached the souls of some Legion players while they were resting. Similar to his fellow Legionnaire, Mr. Green would score early in the second period to tie the game at 2 apiece, although that lead wouldn't last more than two minutes. 

London climbed ahead 3-2 nearly two minutes after Green scored his first goal of the contest. Toronto seemed deflated while they recovered, but when they did the rest of the second period belonged to Toronto and Toronto alone, there was nothing London could do to control the Legions' surge. Asher Reinhart would register his second goal of the game at 13:42, the fifth goal of the game within the final twenty seconds of any given minute, a pattern that dissipates in the final twenty minutes of hockey. 

3-3 going into the third, yet this game ended in a 7-6 overtime win for Toronto. 

Lester Green personally took Toronto, firmly placed the team upon his back after the third period puck had dropped, and began skating with a single purpose. His determination and sheer willpower radiated excitement throughout the building; staff, players and fans alike were captivated in the sudden display of offensive prowess, cheering and chanting his name every time the center received the puck. From the shoulders of momentum came two impressive goals, Lester Green had the hattrick he was searching for, helping a stale 3-3 tie turn into an honest 5-3 Toronto lead.

Yet this story wouldn't have been that interesting if London had folded there, it would have been just another hattrick in an awkwardly offensive season for the VHL, and while Toronto would celebrate the achievement they had become expected throughout the league. London would fight back and eventually tie the game 5-5 with around six minutes left in the third period, one of their roster players even reached a milestone by scoring his fortieth goal on the season to tie the game... which was also his third of the evening. 

Half a second later Lester Green had his forth goal of the evening, gave Toronto a 6-5 lead and enjoyed spoiling London's celebration. The United would eventually tie the game, but there are two victories Toronto can take from this hockey game. 

Six seconds before the overtime buzzer Asher Reinhart potted his third goal of the contest, earning himself a hattrick on a play generated from the blueline; Toronto won the hockey game 7-6, an entertaining back and forth affair between two teams that will miss the postseason, and won the hattrick count as well. London had one player with a hattrick, Toronto had two players with a hattrick, but the real winner was the Ricoh Arena's merchandise. Asher Reinhart would go onto scoring another hattrick in a 6-2 Toronto victory over the HC Davos Dynamo, which included his fortieth goal of the season. 


It's raining hats...

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Review: I appreciate the it's raining men reference at the beginning, gave me a little chuckle. Jokes aside, this is a really nice article and I love the professionalism. Very interesting how a game between two teams that were out of the postseason could be so exciting. You were very good at developing and highlighting storylines and the dramatics of the game as well and I appreciate how you went deeper than just describing the game. It was fun seeing how you created an actual story in the game and didn't just say __ scored, __ scored, __ scored, and recapping the game. You actually added to the game which I found awesome. One thing I would probably would have done the score reveal later in the article to build intrigue. Other than that, awesome article!



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