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#AsktheBouch: The Season/ Next Season?


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Here we are a week later and it looks like your mother paid for another article in the series that we call #AsktheBouch and the boss has told me that I have less then forty-five minutes to write this or I am fired. (yes, my wife is the boss)


So the Hot streak continues; has anything else changed other then the coach waking up?


“No not really but the PP is also firing off so that has been nice and we started winning again but it might be tough to catch the other team in David and Riga as we are just out of reach being five and six points back of each team respectively “


So then the big question is you happy with the season so far?


“I was inconsistent up until the half way mark of the season; which I feel effected the team and as I have said in the past that I am a team player so for me that was frustrating to say the least. Even if I wasn’t inconsistent and having a hot hand like I am now and the team was still being inconsistent like we currently are then you cannot be happy with your overall game. But at least when you are producing you are at least doing everything that you can on the offensive side of the ice so then you need to look at the defensive aspect of your game. Improve your game should improve the teams game; right?”


Trade deadline for the VHL passed a few days ago and the teams GM Diamond Ace pulled the plug on a trade that seen the team trade two prospects for an aging defender. What are your thoughts on the trade?


“We in the end I can only control what I control and that is my play on the ice but that being said I think the trade simple isn’t enough to fill the gap that we have on the top pairing defense at the moment. I mean no disrespect to our defenders but we are missing that minute eating shut down defender that can play along side Sandstrom. Powers will be that player in the next few years but we needed something now and I am sure there wasn’t much to be had in the way of defenders like that otherwise Diamond Ace would have pulled the trigger on a bigger deal. 


“The prospect that we lost in the trade could become great player in their own right but fell behind other prospects that have more upside with expectations of an All rookie line next season with John Baard (birdman) Otto Numminen (Otto) and Baby Bob (Baby Boomer) if we hadn’t traded away Reke & Rivers then we would have had five Rookies if not six joining the team next season. Which could have put the brakes on any Championship run.”


But there is the VHLE next season as well that some of the players might decide to join as well?


“Yes, but that really depends on the players and the management deciding what is best of the team. It will be a case by case situation. I still expect to see an all rookie line next season but the rest of the team could also look a lot different since our defense needs rebuilt with Zod and Gee retiring at the end of the season. And we still have a hole to file along side Sandstrom. Maybe Powers improves enough to file that gap but I would hope that we look to free Agency or trade before we settle that route. Like I said I think Power is going to be a great defender but still need a bit more time to develop into that stud defender that we expect him to be.”


So looking at the forwards again since you mentioned the expectations for an All Rookie line. How do you see the forwards lining up next year?


“ Well we have four players returning fore sure next season in myself, Dom, Dan and LeClair II so that means the team will once again be looking for help down the middle as Thightrap is a UFA again this off season. Would love to have her back as we have added strength down the middle this season as I have been able to move up and down the line up due to her presence on the roster. She also make a good line with Dom & Dan. But what I think D-A will be looking for is a rebuilt second line fore sure by either bring back Rocket and Thightraps or bring someone else in via trade or free agency. I think Hunter will be a tough call but most likely allowed to try his luck with another team due to our Rookies line but then again that depends on all the Rookies want to play here next season rather then in the VHL.”


Any further predictions on what might happen with the team next season?


“Not really as I am player and that will be D-A issue to fill all the holes; while trying to keep us in a position to make a run at the Cup but it has been clear that this year we took a big step back from where we were last season but that was sort of expected with Landry II retirement as he was our leader on and off the ice.”


“It is now time that Dom and I become the two headed Monster that I expect us to be for this team and so far we both have been very inconsistent.”


Well, We are once again way over the expected limit of the article and the forty-five minutes are up so I better wrap up the readings for your mother and grandmother so once again we will be back in the near future as your mother continue to pay for this series called #AsktheBouch. Hopefully we talk before the play-offs start.  

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