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It was my goal with Kyle Peace to outperform my previous players -- Rylan Peace and Erik Killinger -- especially in a more offensive era that has dawned on the VHL. Rylan Peace scored 101 points in 98 VHLM games, while Erik Killinger registered 132 points in 96 VHLM games. I realize the VHLM season isn't quite over, but with only three games left to play [for Kyle Peace] he's already performed better with less games than my previous two players despite different circumstances. A huge part of K. Peace's success has been the team @Doomsday has built in Saskatoon, my player has meshed well with Montana and Jankowski as each one of us now has over triple digit point totals.

The next step for my goal of categoric improvement would to be to beat the best rookie season I've had so far. Erik Killinger scored 53 points in his rookie campaign, so my goal with Kyle would be to score at least 60 simply because Rylan Peace put up 46 points, and that natural progressive pattern [+7] would put me at exactly that mark. I suppose before then I'll have a totally new experience with the VHLE if I decide to play there, however I doubt I'll surpass the 350 TPA required to play in the VHL before the new European league begins. 

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