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Jardy's Chodesode #18: The One Where I'm Pulling an All-Nighter


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I immediately use a DISCORD FILTERED WORD!




In today's episode, I:

- Feature Berocka

- Am extremely overtired and it shows

- Discuss why this is for 10 minutes

- Go over the trade deadline deals

- Talk about Beavis' return and the struggles of reclaiming past activity levels as a returning inactive


Mentions of all sorts:

@Berocka @Jamomayo @youloser1337 @bukss_a @diamond_ace @Beaviss


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Your draft values are a bit off. 2nds anymore are pretty much guarantees as well, just guys that will take an extra season. 3rds are pretty much never going to miss getting a player at all, but are basically what 2nds used to be (and it gives me an opportunity to hype the workhorse @Domg5 Dominic Gobeil who went from 46th overall to a top 10 guy in his draft class). 4ths/5ths are a bit more in the hail mary range, but actually still work out on occasion (in my particular case, the best example of this would be Braxton Hunter, 72nd overall but made it to the league for a few seasons - he's ia now as far as updating, but still talks in the discord from time to time. Victor had a better example in Pietro Angellini when he was Moscow).

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9 hours ago, youloser1337 said:

I appreciate the shoutout. Like you said I set myself up for bashing with my username. I'm glad you like the fantasy changes too. Also it was @Laines idea for the 7th swaps.

You thought it was YL, but it was me, Laine!

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