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Marlins Get New Home?


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San Diego Marlins to build $60 million hockey arena?

SDC and RAM Collaborative are expected to design the project.

AUGUST 26, 2021



See the source image

Renderings courtesy San Diego Marlins

A new 5,000-seat, $60 million hockey and skating arena is set to reportedly begin construction next summer on the San Diego Marlins Campus in San Diego, Ca

The arena will be home to the Division I men’s and women’s hockey programs, the cities nationally ranked figure skating team, and the men’s club ice hockey team. The arena will also feature amenities such as a pro shop, beer rooms, food venues, suites, meeting rooms, broadcast facilities, and offices. Locker rooms and training rooms will also be included for all the teams athletes. 


See the source image


Special events such as guest lectures, concerts, conventions, and other activities open to the community will be hosted in the building. Time will also be set aside for students, faculty, staff, and community members of local schools and universities to skate. Students studying in the areas of sports communication & media, sport management, and hospitality will be able to use the arena as a classroom and practice space.

Five years in the making, in April, 2021 the San Diego Board of Regents approved construction of a multi purpose facility that will house the San Diego Marlins Hockey Team and serve as a venue for local universities hockey, wrestling, and gymnastics meets, concerts, and other numerous events.

The design and sightlines will focus on hockey first. The San Diego Marlins Hockey Team will have priority when scheduling dates, and it will be the only team permanently housed in the arena.


The project is slated for completion in 2023.

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I love this idea, it is just incredible, it is such a basic idea for a media spot and vhl article and nobody talks about it.

In my opinion you should continue this type of article it really changes from other articles.

In the end this gets a solid 8 out of a 10, good job mate, keep it up.



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