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Poopy Peepants - Prospect Scouting Report


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Prospect Scouting Report

(S79) - Poopy Peepants

Defence | 6' 1" | 211 lbs | Age: 21


With his humble beginnings as a checkout clerk at an Independent Grocery Store, few could have anticipated the hype and promise around Poopy Peepants. He was the first defenceman to be selected in his draft class, going 4th overall to the Davos Dynamo. Much of the excitement about Peepants has to do with his agent, VHL legend Jardy Bunclewirth, but despite having learned exactly how to play hockey recently, Poopy has given reasons of his own for fans to get excited.


His VHLM career started rather low key. Peepants joined the playoff-bound Houston Bulls for the last four games of S77, managing to get one assist, 10 hits, and five blocked shots in that time frame - a reasonable performance for such a window. He fared even better in the Bulls 5-game first round exit to the Mississauga Hound, improving to one goal, three assists, 12 hits, and 13 shots blocked. He even had a +1 rating despite the team having a -6 goal differential.


That off-season, he was drafted to the Miami Marauders in the first round, going 10th overall. The Marauders were beginning a rebuild, and thought the inexperienced Peepants would be an ideal player to perform on the team for at least two seasons. The first season, however, was a write-off, and Miami ended S78 of the VHLM in the bottom of the standings. For Poopy's part, he performed admirably offensively, scoring six goals and 38 assists. Being on such a poor team, he was able to excel defensively, delivering 243 hits (7th in the VHLM) during the season, and preventing 162 shots from reaching the net (1st in the VHLM).


Poopy Peepants has shown - with emphasis from Bunclewirth - that he is a pass first, defensive stalwart. He takes his position seriously and aims to keep the puck out of his team's zone as frequently as he can. This is a skillset that the Dynamo clearly felt would be useful on their up-and-coming team.





+ PHYSICALITY: Poopy has a very sturdy frame and he's not afraid to use it. He can absolutely level anyone daring to skate with their head down in his proximity, and he's also usually able to scrape the puck out for his team in busy corners.


+ PUCK MOVEMENT: As stated earlier, Peepants is a pass-first defender. When he has the puck, he can usually find a better player to handle it with pin-point accuracy. If he needs to move with the puck first to find an opening, he will do it, and adequately.




- OFFENSE: Peepants is simply not a direct offensive threat with the puck. He shot leaves a lot to be desired, and as such he takes very few, averaging less than one per game with his time in Miami. Of the six goals he did manage, five were on the powerplay, which is a role that he is not necessarily suited for.


- DISCIPLINE: His inexperience playing the competitive game does sometimes show. More skilled players will skate around him, leading to frustration, leading to penalties. Poopy Peepants spent 134 minutes in the penalty box in S78, many of which resulted in goals for the opposition.


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