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(S81) C - Jacob Gesualdi, TPE: 30


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Welcome to the VHL, @jgez12!

The Minnesota Storm are currently rebuilding, but we have plenty of room for you on our roster. We have an excellent locker room environment, guides to help you build your player, and much more to help you build your player the way you want to! Our top priority is to help prepare you for a successful VHL career!

Right now, we are prepared to offer you a spot on our 2nd Line! To accept our offer, simply quote this post and say "Let's go Storm!" to accept our offer!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We are eager to see you join the Storm!

- Laine, Minnesota Storm GM

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My name is Sam and I am the general manager of the Halifax 21st! Currently we would be able to offer you 3RD LINE MINUTES. In Halifax we have a great room of people who can help you learn the game and get you on your way to becoming a great player. From Gm to AGM, current players and past so many people are ready to work with you and help you learn the game. We may not be the favorites this season but you will be given the chance at good amounts of ice time that other teams wouldn't be able to offer you! I know you would be a great addition to our team and would fit right in.







I’d love to see you in a Halifax uniform! To join halifax quote this with #BOATGANG

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