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Asia roster reveal

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Finally, after a long wait (sorry for that) Asia is announcing his roster.


Are you ready? Because I sure am.


Lets Get This Started GIF by Billboard Music Awards





@124715 Duncan Montana LW

@Lochlan Chisholm lochlan Chisholm LW

@Bigb33 Brian Schmigel LW

@Kman Kman C

@pippo pippo coca C

@WildfireMicro Armani Calamari C

@SlapshotDragon Sigard petrenko RW

@bRaidsz Zen Rider RW

@FBR Arthur Kimura RW




@LefLop  Barron Kruulenstien D

@Noxalpha Vasily Grigorev D 

@Dil Hari Singh Nalwa D

@DarkSpyro Drakon Zabastovka D




@NickSunderbruch The Red Menace

@Silver Warrior Alexei Volkov


And that is all, thanks for your attention.

If you haven't been picked do not be sad, continue to work hard, and one day you will be picked, I belive in you.



For all the other players who are picked Join the discord server of the WJC (https://discord.gg/dMCXkQXJ) and once joined write THE ASIAN HORDE IS COMING, so I can add you to our locker room.



Lets Go Hockey GIF by NHL

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