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Continental Cup Finals Game: 6

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Seattle, 7th final in 12 seasons. 3rd finals in a row? Can we say we got another small dynasty here from the second time in 10-12 seasons? Epic season. We started out of the gates rough and once again, nobody from NA could beat us! Last year we lost to a really amazing Warsaw team and this year Malmo exacts revenge from S68 which is ohhhhh so bitter sweet! Good season. Is this the end? Maybe, but it's been a legendary, historic ride :cheers:


Malmo and @hylands, great season and way to finish it off. I think deep down we wanted Warsaw, but either way a battle. You were unstoppable in the season and you consistently kicked our ass. I expected a 1-1 start. going down 2-0 had me on edge.. The lines I wasn't sure what to expect but was happy with a 1-1 split.. Bringing it to 2-3, I thought maybe there's a chance because we've done some crazy stuff in the past and lines were clicking.. Once again, like the start of the series, it was a close game and one hell of a battle in Game 6. Even the one fight between VV and Deathwalker went to a draw lol.. You guys had a very great season and I hope your locker room explodes with all the fun that comes from winning - you all deserve it .. AND for what it's worth.. between SEA and MAL.. we've won 7 of the last 12 cups combined ;)  


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In all honesty, much respect to the Bears. You guys made the adjustments and had us worried. You guys had a great season and I'm sure you'll be back for more.


Valtteri Vaakanainen @Jubo from one captain to another, you played a hell of a series and led your team by example with heart and grit. We fought twice this series and it was an honor to drop the gloves with you. I respect you and admire your career and leadership and enjoyed our battles over the last few seasons. Enjoy retirement. 

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