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Malmo Wins Game 6 and the Cup


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          It was an electrifying game 6 to watch as both team gave it their very all. The first period action lack just about anything but the word action itself. Malmo kicked off the scoring at 5:59 into the first with a goal from Muffbeav. That was quickly followed with a goal just 6 seconds later by Seattle from Vaakanainen. Odinsson would revive Malmo's lead just 1:21 later, and Sosa went on to extend Malmo's lead to 3-1 at 11:12 into the game. By this point, we've already had tons of action, and the first period is barely half over. Seattle fans would've been shaking at this point, but their team did not let them down without a fight to the end. Campbell came back with a goal at the 15:37 mark, and Leveque would follow that up just a couple minutes later at the 17:57 mark, and bam. First period is over, and we have a 3-3 hockey game that didn't let down entertainment value for the fans one bit. The shots were 16-16 in a dead even heat.


Continuation of Game


         Onto the second period, and there was no scoring to report to. Malmo fought off a couple penalties, but that was the only action their PK unit saw all game. The third period turned into an insanely lopsided play, with Malmo cranking up the heat on shots, and Seattle in a rat trap in their own zone seemingly all period. It was when Seattle took a penalty that Malmo finally found a goal. Telker scores the all important game winner with assists from Mourning and Sova on the powerplay at 15:28, which sent Nighthawks fans into cloud 9 as the arena roared with celebration. The third period shots ended up 23-2 for Malmo, which is a very rare thing to see in the post season with 2 highly competitive teams. Odinsson and Wu had 2 points each that game, which turned out to be crucial since Malmo ended up needing 4 goals to win. 


Malmo, we did it!

        But before I continue with a bit more of a informal celebratory rant, I would like to congratulate Seattle on making it so far in the post season, and for giving us a nail-biting ending. You guys worked hard to get here, and have built such a great winning culture over there. Moving on, wow, this team has never failed to amaze me. I have all my teammates and managers to thank for all my individual awards, but most importantly of course, we couldn't have done this without everyone's effort on the ice. I am honestly in some shock and awe at how this all came together. 2 years ago, I wouldn't have come close to predicting a cup was going to happen. We looked like a super young team with lots of growth to go, and boy oh boy did we grow. I started to see the first signs of right things happening last year, when we had a longer post season run then my first season. Of course well into the regular season it was clear we had moved another step up. with the additions of Odinsson and Kaberle, it only helped speed up that process. While I won't get to mention everyone in this one today, I'll have more off-season media spots for some looks on Malmo!


Well Malmo, We did it, we are champs!!!!!🏆:mal:


Players Mentioned: @Jubo @Banackock @InstantRockstar @BOOM @.sniffuM @fromtheinside @TMGSosa @scoop







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7 hours ago, BOOM said:

Malmos undisputed #1 forward now. The pressure is on! 

It’s so sad and unfortunate to see you go, what a season that both of us, but especially you! Good luck in recreating😁

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Exciting recap of the final game in the series! I really enjoyed your style, it flowed nicely and was overall a great read. I appreciated the formatting greatly - Always nice to have an article easy to read. Great job!


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