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S79 Hall of Fame Induction


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The off-season is upon us and with it, this season's Hall of Fame induction. In S79, we decided to honour a few men who have been waiting in the wings for a while (some longer than others).


C - Wesley Kellinger, S33-S40 :hcd::que::s30nya::col:

RS: 576 GP, 275 G, 453 A, 728 P, +306, 532 PIM, 1,138 HIT, 221 SB, 56 GW

PO: 67 GP, 27 G, 37 A, 64 P, +18, 70 PIM, 151 HIT, 39 SB, 7 GW


S40 Scotty Campbell Trophy (Most Valuable)

Two Continental Cups (S35, S39)


First we have a blast from the past in a similar vein to Mathias Chouinard or just a couple of season ago, Mike Szatkowski Jr. (a goalie Kellinger played against for most of his career). The recreate of Daniel Braxton, one of the VHL's most famous first-gens and one of the greatest defencemen ever, Kellinger got a lot of hype going into a deep S33 draft and went 1st overall. There were two forwards who would get into the HOF as first ballot members, Odin Tordahl and Niklas Lindberg, but Kellinger may have had to wait significantly longer, but he was always there, available for selection when the right time came. The right time is now. Drafted by Davos but making his name when Quebec traded two drafts worth of picks for him in S34, creating a mercenary team for whom he was then the offensive star as they won their first cup in S35, five seasons after expansion. Kellinger then stayed among the top 5 or so forwards for the rest of his career, teaming up with Tordahl to great effect for the NY dynasty and closing off his career as the veteran leader and MVP of another expansion team in Cologne. Never quite the best but always among the contenders, regular season or playoffs, Wesley Kellinger is finally in, hope it was worth the wait @Jericho



D - Hulk Hogan, S67-S74 :sea: 

RS: 576 GP, 105 G, 444 A, 549 P, +84, 1,025 PIM, 1,212 HIT, 984 SB, 22 GW

PO: 90 GP, 9 G, 64 A, 73 P, +12, 149 PIM, 170 HIT, 155 SB, 2 GW


S71 Alexander Beketov Trophy (Most Assists)

Four Continental Cups (S68, S69, S71, S73)


Lincoln Tate went in, then Condor Adrienne and then Jeff Downey, and still Hogan waited. We even inducted a S36 goalie before him but it was all about doing our due diligence. Hogan is a very interesting addition to the Hall of Fame, as his stats don't quite show his consistency and are hurt by his peak being in the VHL's dead puck era in the late 60s/early 70s. But consistent he was, almost like a Kellinger of defence. Similarly, he also didn't accumulate many awards but he did get quite a few championships as a lifer of the Seattle dynasty. Most of the credit for that Bears team went to the GM and then of course to the goalie, but Hogan was ever-present and if you had to think of the face of the franchise outside of Funk then it would be him. The team evolved but Hogan stayed consistent, putting up the numbers and biding his time - recognition finally arrives for @TXC




Wesley Kellinger - 8/11

Hulk Hogan - 8/11


Jakab Holik - 3/11

Alexander Pepper - 1/11

Roque Davis - 1/11

Tyson Kohler, Erik Killinger, Ola Vikingstad, Kyl Oferson - 0/11



And we're back to making a Builder induction this season. This is a man who was there for both Kellinger and Hogan's careers and then some - he actually joined the VHL at around the same time as me and around the same age, and we then took very different paths to end up in the same retirement home. Famous for his beard, to some most famous for being snubbed, Damien Walec @.sniffuM has been around the block for eons. Like many of us he dipped out for a bit but he's had a lot more highs - 1 Hall of Famer in the great Tukka Reikkinen, busting both Vasteras' and New York's curses, 1 GM tenure with Vasteras best described as a learning experience, 1 GM tenure with Warsaw where that experience was put to very good use with a very good expansion team, a VHLM Commissioner stint at some point in the last decade that I genuinely can't remember when but on the bright side I can vividly remember him being green which means he stood out in trying to make the VHLM (the old version) a better and more welcoming place. And of course years of contributing to league discussions and at times the BOG, and since his comeback (again, pretty much at the same time as me - are you following me Damien?) a staple of the VHL's Discord community - I don't think it would be the same without him.



Congrats to Jericho, Hogan, and Muff! :cheers:

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3 hours ago, boubabi said:

Kellinger lmao

Shouldnt be on the ballot after a thousand years of denials


Well apparently 8/11 people disagree with you. Thanks for your take nobody asked for though.

Edited by Jericho
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