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S77 class, 3 years in.


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    The draft class of season 77 was a pretty crazy day if I remember it correctly. Top 10 picks got moved, and a couple players here and there fell more then some were expecting. I’ll be going over many of the top players from this draft, and see who leads what categories. This week I’ll just be going over points, goals, and assists. Next week I’ll go over plus/minus, shots, shots blocked, and hits will be all the stats I’ll be going over. It’ll be top 5 per category, as well as an honourable mention or 2. Keep in mind these are all just regular season stats, so no playoff games.


1. Telker, 263 

2. Atreides, 220

3. Idaho, 201

4. R. Reinhart, 176

5. Chara, 169
HM- A. Reinhart, 159

Moreau, 155

    Telker tops the list after a couple back to back stellar seasons for Malmo. He’s won 1 award so far and has at least one more lined up for this season. Atreides and Idaho both had some good production seasons for Moscow, and look to pull them into a playoff picture next season. Reylynn had a good year with back to back 64 point seasons, she’ll certainly want a bigger point year next season. Chara was drafted quite high at the time, but it looks New York found themselves a number 1 caliber d man. Asher dropped in the draft, but makes a rebound with a big 89 point season to make the honourable mentions, as well as Moreau from the blue line too.



1. Telker, 125

2. Atreides, 102

3. Idaho, 100

4. A. Reinhart, 71

5. R. Reinhart, 60

HM- Deathwalker, 58

Dude, 51

      Telker tops the goal chart as well with 125 over his first 3 seasons. Atreides and Idaho look to be in a tight race in the goal department. Asher has really made a comeback in the points department as he’s starting to show he’s a player that perhaps shouldn’t have dropped. Reylynn hits number 5 on goals which is impressive from a defender. Deathwalker gets an honourable mention playing alongside Telker in Malmo with 58 goals, while Dude has 51 goals and beats out a few guys drafted higher then him. 


1. R. Reinhart, 176

2. Telker, 138

3. Chara, 134
4. Moreau, 128
5. Atreides, 118

HM. Idaho, 101

Deathwalker, 93

    Reylynn really shows off why she was selected at 2nd overall, by crushing the assist category with a whopping 176 assists, which is close to an assist per game right now. Telker slips in at 2 where he’s surrounded by d man. Chara and Moreau crack the list as top 10 defensive selections. Atreides gets number 5, which is pretty good considering he’s been on a struggling Moscow so far. Plus, higher end defenders usually have an advantage when it comes to assists. Idaho makes the HM list, while Deathwalker is starting to show he isn’t just about hitting and racking up penalties. 

As of now, that’s 500 words on the dot. I’ll continue next week where we look at some more secondary stats, and I expect to see some new names on that media spot as well. Cheers everyone!


players mentioned @OrbitingDeath  @Mr_Hatter @Ricer13 @rjfryman @Frank @Jubis @animal74 @Cornholio

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