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S80 San Diego Marlins Captains


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:sdm:S80 San Diego Marlins Captains:sdm:

With the first games of Season 80 (that's crazy) being played tonight, we will take the time now to announce the S80 Captain, as well as Alternate Captains, of the San Diego Marlins. We believe in this trio to guide the team. Leadership does not need to come, and we do not expect it to, solely from the leadership team. Sometimes the best leaders are those without a letter on their jersey. Let's get into it!



Since arriving in San Diego following the dispersal draft, this player has been very active in the locker room and has been eager to learn and grow as a player and a member, so much so that we traded up to ensure we got them! They truly embody what it means to be a Marlin, and we are proud to have this player lead us both on and off the ice!
Marlins fans, please welcome your new captain...

Number 44...RW Robert Wilk!


Alternate Captain

Our top draft choice at number 33, this player has showed both promise and enthusiasm on and off the ice. We are very happy to have them as our top line center moving forward. A player that can play in all situations and lead very well, we are excited to announce that an alternate captain will be...

Number 82...C Johnny Xavier!


Alternate Captain

Someone whose name says it all, this player strives to be great. A great locker room presence and a player who leaves it all out on the ice, we are confident in them to do a great job in this role. They wanted to come to San Diego, and we are fortunate it all worked out.

If the use of a certain word three times wasn't enough, the player that will also be wearing the 'A' is...

Number 99...LW the great jr!


Congrats to these players and let's do this!

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