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Martin Brookside, goaltender for the Calgary Wranglers, was on his way to the rink when he noticed the manager of the rink's gift shop chasing down a guy who had stolen something. Brookside ran directly into the guy, knocking both over. The alleged thief got up first, but did so in such a hurry that he was still dazed, and so he only got about five feet before falling over again. Brookside got up next, fully cognizant, and grabbed the guy by the shirt. He tried to slide out under the shirt but Brookside was having none of it and reached under to grab the guy by the side, under the arm. By this time, the guy chasing had caught up to them, and they cornered the thief into the wall where his pant legs were lifted up to reveal merchandise that had been hidden in the band of his socks. 


Brookside got banged up a little in the scrap, just some minor cuts so it's nothing worse than he's seen on the ice after every game, but this isn't his usual context. Still, he went right to practice and the trainers cleaned out the wounds before sending him out onto the ice. 

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