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A Welcome Committee

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I think we have all areas covered now anyways. A welcome committee just eliminates the recruitment crew and people like Boom, which is not a good thing.

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I've already lost one job recently! No, kidding about recruit crew, but I think we have a pretty good system in place right now thanks to all those who contribute to the introductory messages sent to new guys both formally via PM and board posts. We look after you.

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Just a heads up for when I signed up... whatever lame PM I got sent was of little to no help to me... I still had to ask people all over the place to find out what to do.


Practice Facility, TC and welfare were explained pretty well I thought.

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So this wasn't in your PM(I have no idea who sent it, or what version it was).....



On weeks where you can't find the time to do a Point Task, there is an alternative that is less ideal. You can instead opt to do the Pension Plan. You post in the Pension plan thread and claim a lower amount of TPE than doing a Point Task, which forfeits the right to do a Point Task on that week. If you are a new player you may claim 2 TPE. If you've have one previous player with 400+ TPE you may claim 3 TPE. If you've had two or more previous players with 400+ TPE you may claim 4 TPE. Ideally you will do a point task instead of pension plan, but pension plan is better than nothing.

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You're probably wondering how to get started! First, once you create your player, the commissioners will make a player page for you in the Draftee forum.

As you have created your player after the S35 VHL Draft and S35 VHLM Dispersal Draft, that makes you eligible for the S36 VHL Draft. To play in the VHLM this season, you will have to be picked up off of the Waiver Wire.

Also please take note of the leagues official twitter account @victory_hockey

Getting noticed by general managers in the VHLM or VHL is simple; you will have to create point tasks in order to improve your player. This is how you make your player better. There are a number of different ways to improve your players. In fact, you can get up to 8 points (or "TPE," Total Points Earned) per week from normal activities.


*Score a 6/6 on your weekly point task - http://vhlsim.invisi...80-point-tasks/

either a graphic, media spot, or podcast. There are a number of examples for you to look at.

*Post a "Fan 590" article - http://vhlsim.invisi...m-radio-vhlcom/

Very easy point. Write only 150-words about whatever you want, league-related, and get a free point essentially.

*Twitter - You can tweet 3 times a week, on at least two different days to receive 1 free point. This will replace doing the 150+ word Fan590 article listed above.

*Go to the practice facility - http://vhlsim.invisi...ctice-facility/

Each week, one of the VHLM commissioners will post a link which you have to post in in order to claim the 1 FREE TPE each VHLM'er gets each week. Just post in the thread each week, and you'll get that 1 TPE.


*Biography - http://vhlsim.invisi.../110-biography/

Write your player's story. Can earn up to 10 uncapped TPE. Must be pretty lengthy.

*Rookie Profile - http://vhlsim.invisi...rookie-profile/

Similar to a biography, but more focused on your player's hockey skills. Not as long as bio, but still worth 8.

*Award Predictions - http://vhlsim.invisi...rd-predictions/

Predictions open each year a few days before the season and are locked when the season begins.


As you don't know how to update your player, you probably started with 0 TPE.

Upon completing point tasks (mentioned above), you have to update your player.

If you have not created a Player Update thread, and you are yet to be drafted by a VHL team, go to Unassigned Update Threads.

(1) Click link above.

(2) Create a new thread with your player's name.

(3) Follow the following format, after you have completed point tasks.


Graphic (May 28 - June 3): +6 points

FAN 590 (May 28 - June 3): +1 point

NA Updating (May 28 - June 3): +2 points

VHLM Practice Facility (May 28 - June 3): +1 point

TPE: 0 + 10 = 10

Scoring: 40 + 5 = 45

Skating: 40 + 5 = 45

For some of you, it may look a little different... for instance, your point tasks could be different and you will obviously have a different job if you have one at all. If you are a mag writer, you get 7 TPE / week for writing an article... that would replace Graphic / NA Updating in this case.

To update a skill from 71-80, it takes 2 TPE, so for example, if you got scoring up to 70...

--> Scoring: 70 + 5 = 72.5

To update a skill from 81-90, it takes 3 TPE, so for example, if you got scoring up to 80...

--> Scoring: 80 + 5 = 81.66

To update a skill from 91-99, it takes 4 TPE, so for example, if you got scoring up to 90...

--> Scoring: 90 + 4 = 91


Be sure to ask a member if you have any questions. Make sure you post a thread in the Introduce Yourself forum. Members can give you an idea of how active this league is, and ask any questions to the general population.

Best of luck in your upcoming VHL career!


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