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Claimed:6 Point Game for Robin Gow, Reign on a Roll

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       It’s been a rough couple of seasons for the Riga Reign of the Victory Hockey League. After the acquisitions of Kameron Taylor and Malcom Spud from the rebuilding Cologne Express, the Reign were expected to be Continental Cup contenders during Season 37 and Season 38. However, the team fell to the HC Davos Dynamo in the European Conference Finals in back-to-back seasons, with Taylor and Spud retiring at season’s end. Riga is currently in a quasi-transition phase, as their now veteran core of Season 35 through Season 37 draft class is coming of age.


       After the retirement of Taylor, center Robin Gow was expected to become the team’s top line center. While those are some big shoes to fill, Robin believes he’s up to the task: “Obviously no one can completely fill the void left by Kameron, as he was one of the best centers of his generation. However, I’m gonna do my best to improve at both ends of the ice to try and bring the cup back to Riga.”


       In his first season as “the man,” things weren't going great for the veteran center. Up until their most recent game, Robin only accumulated 9 goals and 15 assists through 27 games. While these numbers aren't awful, they fall well short of the expectations that come with being a top line player. “I mean, I just wasn't getting the bounces,” said Robin with a shrug of his shoulders. “I was shooting, what, 5%? I’m not exactly known for my goal scoring, but that pace wasn't sustainable. Hopefully this last game will my offense and the team’s offense, as we've been kind of lackadaisical this season.”


       Fans of the Reign definitely hope this past game was a turning point in the season for Robin. In a 6-1 victory against the rising Calgary Wranglers, Robin scored or assisted on every goal.


       “I just felt good going into the game. What’s that stuff from Harry Potter called, Felix something? Felicis? Anyway, it just felt like everything I tried yesterday worked. Too be honest, it was a nice feeling. I haven’t dominated in a game like that since I was in the minors with the Lynx in Season 35. If I can keep this up with my dominance on the dot (62.24%), I’d be pretty happy with my season from an individual stand point. Obviously I’d rather win the cup, even if it meant getting reduced playing time again.”


       The Reign have not drafted a player with their first round pick since Season 37. With the team possibly looking to make a run in the playoffs, it would not be a large surprise to see the team bring in another center or defensemen, as the Reign currently lack depth in both of these areas. However, no matter what the front office decides, if Robin can’t keep up his improved play, it may not matter either way.



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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

493 words. Not overly long, but it didn't have to be. You mentioned your struggles, but you had a nice breakout game hat hopefully turns your fortunes around. This was written near immaculately and it flowed and stayed on course. Good luck the rest of the way.

Grammar: 2/2

will = wills

Too be honest = To be honest

Appearance: 1/1

Nice job highlighting the quotes in a different colour.

Overall: 6/6

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