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The VHL instagram account is finally here!


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Ladies and Gentlemen, the VHL instagram account has arrived. Everyone with an instagram account please follow yours truly @VHLforum on instagram.



And on Commish's approval, everyone that follows the account with me confirming gets 1 TPE. Just post in here with your instagram username and I'll confirm it for you.



Also, a lot of the pictures for this instagram account will come from our community. So for the first picture ever, I would like for someone to create a 640 x 640 graphic using an NHL player and the VHL logo incorporated some how (no player name). You'll be able to use this as a PT, and on top of that, winner will get 3 TPE (by commish's approval).



And for you writing guys, PM me a brief description of the VHL, easy right? Nope, this description will be limited to 235 characters. Winner will also get 3 TPE (based on approval).


Both people will have their accounts featured on the first post if they want.




**All tpe amounts and give away subject to commissioners

@VHLforum @VHLforum @VHLforum @VHLforum @VHLforum @VHLforum @VHLforum

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I followed!

Anyone who has it feel free to follow me as I'm a noob and didn't do anything with my account. joey_kendrick

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