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An Apology and Letter From Random Hero


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Greetings Everyone,


Now I know it has been a while since I have been on the site and the first thing I want to say is SORRY to everyone who I have inconvenienced because of my sudden disappearance. I think we can all agree that sometimes life can get a little overwhelming and I needed to tend to somethings that were occurring personally. While I should've posted saying something, I just never found the time and it always slipped my mind whenever I had a free moment. Once I finally had gotten things sorted out, My laptop decided to off itself and after finally getting it fixed I have found the site again (Which I admittedly forgot about). Once again, I am sorry!


Now that everything has been taken care of I hope people can forgive and that I can meet all the new faces here as well and want to continue my players development in the league!


oh and I almost forgot....



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