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-A Grande Entrance-

The Story of Jacques Grande - Chapter One - Book One




Take a deep breathe. In and out. In and out. Feel that? It's your heart rate slowing down and the constant ringing in your head finally beginning to disappear. Despite the conference room in front of you being at full capacity, why am I the only voice you here? These people are here to see you. They are here to listen to you talk with that idiotic accent. They are here to snap pictures of your unnecessary bulge. They are.....

"Stop it!"

The voice disappears. My vision clears and I find myself sitting in the middle of a fully packed conference room. My plea cut through the frigid air of the room like a knife. If the reporters sitting below the stage weren't paying attention to me before, they sure as hell were now.

"Stop what, Jacques?"

The man sitting to my left leans in and whispers the question to avoid embarrassing me. The room continues to keep their focus on me. Shit. I need a way to get out of this.

"Stop the presses!"

I stand to my feet and spread my arms out to show my full wingspan. It's as if I am welcoming the room of reporters into my world for the first time. Don't stop talking now. Keep going.

"Your savior has arrived! No longer am I a Los Angeles King, but an Ottawa Lynx."

The pictures begin again. The reporters stand to their feet.

"I am not here to answer your questions. You are here to listen to my words. I stand up here as a man that has the ability to make or break your career. My words can single handedly make sure that your family has food on the table at the end of the week and I am disgusted by you all for it. My name is Jacques Grande and I have come to the VHL for one simple reason....to take it over."

Write you fools. Record what I am saying.

"Ever since I was a youngster, I wanted to be the best I can be. After years of striving to be the best goalie, I learned that some things can not be attained by practice. Leaving things up to hard work is the best way to find yourself in an early grave. Why bust your balls for to be better than something when you can just find it's weakness and exploit it? Does this not appear to be the easier way to you all? I am not here to earn honor or be valiant, I'm here to win and win constantly. I'm going to play in the VHLM this season until I can find the weakness of each and every player this place has to offer. From there, I will begin my upward ascent. I will destroy friendships, anger fans, and step on the toes of legends to make it all necessary. I did not hold this conference to introduce myself or give a warning. What I am saying is fact and there is no other reality. Jacques Grande will be making his debut and "Le Coq" will not take no as an answer."

Non-stop flashes. The pictures continue as I make my way down the stairs and through the crowd of reporters. I can feel the sly grin spread across my face and they follow behind me like sheep searching for someone to herd them. I will not. I can not. I turn around and pose for one last picture before exiting the conference room. Security blocks the door allowing my escape to be seamless. The ringing in my head starts again. My ears pop and the room in front of my blurs slightly.

Security? What a bitch move, Jacques.






Out of Character: Thanks for reading! Plan on developing a distinct personality/storyline with Jacques throughout this thing to help the hockey transition for me.


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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

634 words. What a cool concept here. The writing was very good and detailed. I liked the direction of this and am excited to see where this goes. How come you didn't become a goaltender?

Grammar: 2/2

Didn't see anything that stood out.

Appearance: 1/1

Center alignment, italicized font, color etc.

Overall: 6/6

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