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VSN Presents: Top 10 VHL Prospects


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Welcome to the first in what could be an ongoing series where we will look at any ‘top 10’ ranking from around the VHL. In today’s article we’ll be looking at the current top 10 VHL prospects! While you’re here feel free to check out any of the other recent VSN Articles!


10. Sven Eightnine @BarzalGoat :brt::sea:


The Seattle Bears 15th overall pick in the S80 VHL draft has come a long way since the draft and has been a productive part of the Bratislava Watchmen this season. After joining the VHLM in S78 Eightnine would go onto win a Founder’s Cup in their first season with Yukon and after being selected by Mississauga would find their way to the finals yet again, While in the VHLM they put up 25 goals, and 62 assists for 87 points in 91 games across 2 seasons. During their time in the VHLE Eightnine has continued their productive pace as they have 17 goals, and 23 assists for 40 points in 40 games for Bratislava. Eightnine will likely make their VHL debut either next season, or the season after should they elect to stay in the VHLE.


9. Logain Ablar @Kelsier :brt::ldn:


After being selected 12th overall in the S80 draft by London, Ablar has taken to the ice for Bratislava of the VHLE this season and will be looking to continue their success from last season which saw them winning the Founder’s cup with Miami in the VHLM last season. While in the VHLM Ablar was a significant part of a Minnesota roster prior to being traded to Miami and in 74 VHLM games had 43 goals, and 39 assists for 82 points. Ablar proved themselves on Miami’s way to a Founder’s Cup as they had 13 points in 19 games. Similar to Eightnine, Ablar will make their VHL debut either next season, or the season after should they elect to stay in the VHLE.


8. Alessandro Nano @leafsman :vas::hel:


Nano was selected 8th overall in the S80 VHL draft by Helsinki and has spent the current season with Vastras of the VHLE. While in the VHLE Nano has performed well scoring 6 goals, and 26 assists for 32 points in 43 games, this pace is significantly better than their previous play in the VHLM for Miami and Saskatoon as they only had 61 points in 90 games. This pass-first defensemen will likely look to make the jump to the VHL next season and should prove to be a solid piece on Helsinki’s blue line for many seasons to come.


7. David Davis @Josh :col::prg:


Prague drafted their future franchise goaltender when they drafted Davis 7th overall in the S80 VHL draft. While in the VHLM Davis carried a Halifax team to the playoffs with a 31-28-9 record and a 0.901 SV% while having 1 or no defensemen in front of him for the entire season. Currently, Davis is between the posts for the Cologne Express of the VHLE where he has a 19-18-2 record with a 0.902 SV% and a 3.96 GAA. Davis will probably make the jump to the VHL next season and possibly step right into the starting role.


6. Omi Aberg @osens :sto: :que:


Aberg was the 12th overall selection in the S79 VHL draft by the Vancouver Wolves and will look to make their much awaited arrival next season after tearing up the VHLE with Stockholm this season. Currently, Aberg sits second in points with 70 and tied for second in assists with 47. During their time in the VHLM Aberg proved to be invaluable to the eventual Founder’s Cup champion Miami Marauders as they would score 25 points in 19 games during the Founder’s Cup run.


5. Hari Singh Nalwa @Dil (ROM) :que:


Yet another member of the S79 Founder’s Cup champion Miami Marauders, Nalwa would be selected 10th overall in the S80 VHL draft by the Vancouver Wolves. During their time in the VHLM Nalwa proved to be an assist machine as they had 73 assists in 79 games, during S79 they also cracked to 30 goal mark which is quite impressive for a puck moving defensemen. This season Nalwa has continued their play having 11 goals and 40 assists for 51 points in 44 games for Rome in the VHLE. Nalwa is set to make the jump to the VHL next season and will be a welcome sight in Vancouver as he will help bolster their blueline for some time to come.


4. Baby Bob @Baby Boomer (ROM) :prg:


Bob has shown to be one of the most offensively dominant prospects this season as they currently lead the VHLE in goals with 34, they have also added 33 assists for 67 points which has them in fourth place overall. In the VHLM Bob was a part of 2 very different Mississauga Hounds teams, the one that finished last in S78, and the one that walked through the regular season in S79. During that time Bob had 62 goals and 110 assists for 172 points in 146 games. Bob was selected 9th overall by the Prague Phantoms in S79 and will be in the VHL next season.


3. Saku Kotkakoivu @DollarAndADream  :vas::cal:


The Calgary Wranglers’ 3rd overall selection in the S80 VHL draft has the unique accolade of being the only player to play in the VHLE to be selected in the top 5 of the VHL, VHLE, and VHLM drafts, the only other player to be selected in the top 5 of all three drafts is AJ Williams who elected not to play in the VHLE. During their time in the VHLE, Kotkakoivu has been very productive scoring 57 points in 43 games played for a solid Vastras team. While in the VHLM Kotkakoivu scored 45 goals and 50 assists for 95 points in 90 games, primarily with the Mexico City Kings. Expect to see Kotkakoivu in a Wranglers uniform next season.


2. Kyle Peace @Peace :vas::tor:


Kyle Peace was selected with the 5th overall pick in the S80 VHL draft by the Toronto Legion. Since being drafted, Peace has improved steadily and is having a solid VHLE season for Vastras so far scoring 52 points in 43 games. The prior season Peace tore up the VHLM coming in 4th and 3rd for points and goals respectively with 129 points and 59 goals for the Saskatoon Wild. Peace is set to make their debut next season and without a doubt will prove to be Toronto’s next franchise player.


1. Xavier Booberry @CowboyinAmerica :vas: :hel:


Lastly, the one everyone saw coming, Xavier Booberry. The Helsinki Titans used their first overall pick in the S80 VHL draft to select Booberry and if their VHLE stats are any indication Helsinki made the right choice as Booberry currently second among starting goalies in SV% (0.928), GAA (2.93), and is sixth in wins (13). While in the VHLM Booberry tore up the league and was one of the main reasons for San Diego making the playoffs, Booberry was rewarded handsomely for this as they took home the Mitch Higgins Award as the regular season MVP and was a nominee for the top goaltender award. Booberry will likely step in as Helsinki’s starting goalie next season and will look to continue their spectacular play.


Recently I had the chance to chat with the top prospect and ask them a couple questions, here’s how that went:


Me: First off, what did it mean to you to go first overall?


Booberry: It wasn’t necessarily something I was shooting for, but now that it’s happened it means a lot. There’s a whole lot of good players in this draft class, possibly even one of the best of all-time. For Helsinki to believe that I can be the best of the best long-term, it’s high expectations that I’m excited to live up to.


Me: How do you feel spending a season in the VHLE has benefited you? 


Booberry: The opportunity to be in the VHLE is a key reason I entered the draft when I did, and I couldn’t be more excited to be there. Not only does it give me the opportunity to be teammates with some players that I wouldn’t have met otherwise, but the chance to be a trailblazer in something new is exciting. Plus, not gonna lie, I’m going to like having that season less of depreciation on the back end. 


Me: What will it be like to make your long awaited VHL debut? 


Booberry: It’ll be the start of a new era. Helsinki’s a franchise I’ve never played for before despite a long time in the VHL, so that’s exciting in itself. But the Titans as a whole are just starting to build to something big. It’s a step that Ori and others are already taking, but when I get in there, plus Nano, some others in my draft class and maybe even some S81 guys next season, it’s going to feel like the start of something huge. The Helsinki core is here, and we don’t plan on going anywhere.


Lastly, having to keep this list to just ten was extremely difficult, here are a few honourable mentions: 

Florida Man @zepheter

Tony Adams @fonziGG

Ryan Vidot @Enorama

Zach Kisslinger II @Kisslinger

Em Em Flex @oilmandan

Miroslav Tsarov @PadStack


Thank you for reading the first of the potential VHL ‘Top 10’ series! Please let me know what you think of the prospect ranking and if you have any ideas for future top 10s down below!

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Haha, yeah, didn't realize I had that accolade. The VHL was obviously an option for Kotkakoivu, but I wasn't about to force myself into Calgary's plans. Always up to the GM when it comes to me! VHLE is a solid stepping stone and I can't wait to come into the VHL next season guns ablazing!

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