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Life After the League, A Brief Look Into Three Players


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With the current theme week being life after the VHL I figured it would be a good idea to look into the current life’s of my two retired players as well as hearing about the plans for Hulk Hogan 2 following the end of his career. I’ve had three players so far, starting with Hulk Hogan with Tanky sandwiched in the middle before Hulk Hogan 2 was created. You know their stories on the ice, and now here's the rest.

Hulk Hogan


Following his illustrious 8 season career in Seattle, Hogan commissioned a brand new house to be built on the outskirts of Seattle, it was a large house spanning across 12 acres of beautiful land that he had carefully designed. It's no secret to the people of Seattle that it’s Hogan’s house. If it's not the red and yellow bushes, it’s the grass where his face has been permanently stained into the ground as a beautiful mosaic, revealing his toothy white grin to passerbyers as they look up the hill leading to his house. If somebody gets too close they may hear an all too familiar tune. Real American plays softly in the surrounding areas of his house, emanating from the trees, flowers and fountains outside. No matter how close you are, something will always be visible sitting proudly in the front window. The Alexander Beketov trophy, awarded to the player with the most assists over the course of one season. It’s illuminated in the large front window for all to see, upon closer inspection it reads S71 Alexander Beketov Trophy: Awarded to Hulk Hogan and Erik Summers. 


Ever since retirement, Hogan has lived a relatively quiet life, except for the fact he goes to every Seattle Bears game and sits outside asking passing fans if they want autographs or a picture, only 5$ each. For the first couple seasons following his retirement his tables were quite popular with long lines and loving fans. Nowadays, he’ll get a few kids a game and that's it.


Hogan says he will continue to set up his table outside of Seattle's games. Stating, “It's all for the fans brother.”




After playing only two seasons in the VHL, Tanky was unable to find a team in the league that wanted to sign him. With nowhere to go, he finished his career in the VHL and moved on. Team’s not wanting him has been happening over the past 18 years for him. Tanky is now still playing hockey at 36 years old across the Atlantic in Ireland. He continues to instill fear into the league’s players with his physical play and violence. Tanky told reporters after leaving the VHL that he was nowhere near being done playing hockey, his wrath will continue until he’s dominated every league in the entire world. In Tanky’s four seasons away from the VHL, he has been suspended from four leagues. 


Tanky has vowed to continue his path through every hockey league in the world. Stating “I can't be retired until everybody feels my wrath”


Hulk Hogan 2


Hulk Hogan 2 is set to be immediately killed following his final game.


Hulk Hogan 2 understands this. Stating “I know what must happen”

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