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A jumbled mess of the future of Lose


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Back when I was a kid my father always told me to have a backup plan in life. Never assume things will last forever. In the case of the VHL and the looming presence of retirement in the future, Justin Lose has to think about the future. Although Lose would have a fulfilling career in the VHL, he wants to have something to do after he is retired. Luckily he has plans for the future after he is retired. He has come up with a retirement plan that will secure his future. While complex it would give Lose the best chance to be successful after retiring.




When Justin Lose was growing up he loved bowling. It was the first sport he played before hockey. Of course, hockey took over his sports career but always knew he would love to go after bowling too. Year 1 would be the building blocks for that plan to make it to the PBA. Hockey is still his number 1 sport though. This is why he would be focusing on hockey and bowling at the same time.


During the offseason in the VHL, Lose hosts a hockey camp with some friends to help the local kids on Long Island. His hockey camps are a great way for the locals to learn/improve their hockey sense for them to use. He wants to create a better future for the sport and bring elite talent into the VHL in the future. There is one kid that Lose has noticed that came to every one of his camps so far.


“I only know his last name since it’s easier for me to remember [chuckle]. E is what I think is their last name. A bit odd but I think he could do amazingly in the VHL. I’d keep an eye on him. He was a forward at the start of the camp but I saw his defensive abilities shine so I suggested moving to defense. I keep up with his parents during the season and they said he is really loving the D position and is considered one of the best shutdown defensemen in the pee-wee league. I wouldn’t be surprised that when I retire from the VHL he would come into the VHLM. I’d have him on your scouting reports when that happens.” - Lose on his hockey camps so far.


Moving to a hockey camp would help keep him busy but his goal would be getting to the PBA. Luckily one of his hometown friends owns a bowling alley and has allowed Lose to practice and work there once he retires. There is a local tour that he could join to get some money and experience with sport patterns. With the experience in the amateur tournaments and training, Lose would finally enter the PBA tour with confidence on the sports oil patterns. The PBA should carry on until he gets older as this could be a viable future. There is the PBA tour and the PBA 50 tour with only 50+-year-olds. This would be a great longevity plan. 

“I absolutely love the sport of bowling. Growing up watching the PBA and wishing I could join one day. I feel like I have the best chance when I retire. It would be a great opportunity to finally play with some of my idols from when I was a kid too.” - Lose on the prospect of joining the PBA.


Also at the same time, he would be going back to college. If you haven’t seen the write-up Lose did for all the theme park vacations for all the VHL teams I would check it out. Roller coasters are a passion that was squashed at an early age. Why not pursue it after retiring? Obviously, it isn’t as easy of a path as bowling would be.


Step 1 would be applying for engineering schools to get a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Lose was always good with math in school so maybe a minor in mathematics would benefit for the long term too. The money would be no issue as Lose has saved and invested some of his contract money for this reason. He wanted a bright future for himself and his family after he retired.


Once he graduates with a bachelor’s degree, he would need a master’s degree to stand out against other candidates. So while balancing hockey and bowling he would do graduate school too. This will give him the best chance to be hired by his dream manufacturer Intamin. While Intamin is the goal he would be ecstatic to get a job at B&M, S&S, and RMC. Any of the big companies would be a great home for him.


“A dream come true is what I would call that job. A lot of hard work would have to go into the degrees but I think the payoff would be totally worth it. A job where you can ride the final product and have other people enjoy makes it all worth it. Something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to go for.” - Lose on a coaster designer job



To recap the plan, Lose would be going back to school to get his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in engineering to get a job in the roller coaster designing industry and join the PBA tour and finally continue his love of hockey by doing hockey camps for youths on Long Island.


Just in case anything in the plan fails, he has other plans to fall back on. He knows that anything can happen and that having multiple ideas will be great for the long term. If all of it works then that’s even better. The moral of the story is, don’t give up and always have a plan!


“My dad always had the best advice growing up. He told me to have a plan and look at me now. In the VHL with a solid retirement plan. I can’t even explain how excited I am for the future. I know my dad is proud of me too.”


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