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William Groves and His Plans For Life After the VHL.


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  Currently William Groves is a VHLM player enjoying his time with the Ottawa Lynx. He is developing into a fine player and believes that he will have a long VHL career. However he does have ideas for things that he wants to accomplish after his playing days are finished. Though he will have retired, that doesn't mean that he plans to do nothing.


 The first task on Will's checklist of retirement accomplishment is eventually become a VHL GM. He has developed leadership skills and become a positive influence in the locker room. He want to inspire others to greatness and give back to give back to the game he loves. He will need to develop knowledge to succeed as a GM, but that will come with time.


After becoming a successful GM, Will would like to become a color commentator for VSN broadcast. With the knowledge he has acquired to an insightful and occasionally funny guide into the hockey world for many fans at home. This may be the hardest thing to achieve for Will, as he does tend to struggle with communication skills. However he does understand that a good commentary can have on how a sport is perceived. He wants hockey to be perceived positively by as many people as possible, even if he isn't in broadcast booth.


After an attempt at broadcasting, Will plans to push for hockey teams in untraditional markets. He believes that hockey is the best sport in the world and that it can succeed in places it has never been to before. He has dreamed of hockey being played in place like Africa and Asia. He would like to push for some of his dreams to become real in spite of the slim chances of that happening to grow hockey into a global game.


While all of this is going on, Will plans to give. He plans to start a foundation dedicated to using sport to help the mentally ill. He plans to donate equipment to youth teams wherever he goes. He plans to give to his birth city

helping it to flourish. He want to make life better for everyone around him.


What this list represents is the heart of William Groves. He is a good, compassionate man who loves the game of hockey. Hockey has given him more than he needed and he plans to give back in any way he can, both to the game and the world. But it will be some time before any on that happens. First he must succeed in the VHLM.

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