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Davey Chasing Goals
Davey is currently second in goals on the season. He is chasing the top spot and has to beat out Willem Janssen. Right now Wesley has 23 goals and Davey is sitting at 21 goals. Willem has 26 goals and is the top guy. If he can continue his pace, he should be able to surpass them but he has to keep practicing. It is only a matter of time before the season ends and it will seem to be over in the blink of an eye. Davey hopes to keep grinding each and every week in hopes of surpassing them. He has many suitors behind him but he hopes that he can keep them at bay and press for the top spot.
Davey just climbed to the top of the scoring chart in points for the Dynamo. Between Naomi Young and Thomas Landry, they are the top three scorers on the team and seem to be heading for 100 points each. Hopefully they can obtain that but as of right now, this is not Davey's goal. This is shaping up to be one of the best seasons of Davey's career. 56 goals is the most that he has currently scored in one season. That was when he took the second line job in Davos during his first season with them. He is currently in his fourth year with the team and it is his last with the team. He has discussed hitting FA and quite frankly, got a little ahead of himself. He still loves Davos and they sit atop the list of teams to head to. He would love nothing more than to finish where he currently plays and try to keep the dynasty alive.
We won't go into specifics of the free agency thing again as it has been talked about enough, but right now Davey wants goals. Practice makes perfect is what he has been told all his life. So the only thing that he knows is that if he keeps working hard, success should come his way. He has been working on different techniques and different possible scenarios to get goals. There is about 41 more games left in the season and he looks to be able to pass the 56 he had before. His goal is to get about 70 goals. It is very highly something that seems obtainable right now, but things are set in place. He has been working his ass off and he really needs to prove he can do it. Not many people can say they have scored 70 goals in a season and it would only help his legacy and help his case. Hall of Fame is the end game for Davey and he is heading there. The 70 goal limit would only cement him right where he belongs.
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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

473 words. Another point task completed by you, which is good to see. What is also good to see is that by Davey playing so well, it creates an interest and thus, it creates a media spot topic.

Grammar: 2/2

There were some awkward sentences, but nothing that should garner a deduction. Just look out for those when proofreading your next point task.


Wesley = you should refer to the player in full name for those who aren't familiar with the VHL players

is = are

and he looks = and he will be looking

70 goal = 70-goal

Appearance: 1/1

Ah :francis: bold color everywhere.

Overall: 6/6

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