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Where Will Jerrick Poole Land?


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The season 40 entry draft is fast approaching and some are beginning to wonder where Jerrick Poole will land.  He is a curious case as a first-gen player with not as much history as teams would like to feel confident in making him an early pick in what is shaping up to be a loaded draft class.  Right now, if the decision was based purely on talent alone, I don't think there would be a single person to say he would not be the fourth pick.  But, teams also have to consider the future and sometimes it's better to go with the known rather than the unknown.


Realistically, Poole should be a first round pick.  Whether he goes early at number four or at the end of the first round is the big question.  Established players such as Lloyd Light, Rami Jakobsson, and Joshua Rubin very well may go ahead of him and, depending on team needs, goaltender Gunnar Skovsgard also has a legitimate claim to go ahead of Poole.  But, what many of these players do not have or have not yet shown to the level Poole has is current commitment.


Ultimately, taking Poole early comes with a risk.  Nobody has seen what he can do over a longer period of time although teams surely will be encouraged by what he has been able to do so far.  There are rumors that he has been contacted by two teams so far, both of whom could have a lottery pick in the upcoming draft, indicating that the interest is there to take Jerrick Poole with an early pick.  While Poole's thoughts right now are focused on winning the Founder's Cup with the Lynx, it's hard to imagine that the VHL is not in the back of his mind.

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