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The Helsinki Titans came into Season 39 without the expectation of making the playoffs in the tough European conference. It was going to be a season of development for the fresh faced rookies entering the VHL and the Titans sophomores were expected to take on a new leadership role. Vojczek Svoboda was named captain of the S39 squad and would headline the sophomores on the roster along with Jake Wylde and goaltender Kimmo Salo. The majority of the Titans roster is made up of rookies with Dexter Morgan, Don Draper, Chris Raymond, Tyson Stokes and Jackson Miller. All of these players had exceptional seasons in the minor league last season where they put up tons of points and won multiple awards. All these rookies on the team are getting their first taste of action and are realizing how tough and cruel the VHL can be to rookies. The Titans are 12-17-3 so far, but no one on the team is at a point per game or higher.



Helsinki Titans captain Vojczek Svoboda celebrates a goal.


The Titans could pick up the scoring this season, but if they don't there could be a loss of confidence and an onset of frustration among the rookies who enjoyed 100+ point seasons in the minors. Luckily for them the future is extremely bright for the Titans. All of the rookies will be seasoned regulars come this time next season and the sophomores will have evolved into even stronger leaders for the Titans. There will be a new crop of rookies for Season 40 and they will look to the older players for guidance and help after dominating the minors.


Andrew Erikson was selected 10th overall by the Titans in the last draft and plays for the Ottawa Lynx in the VHLM. He is having a very good season so far with 25 goals and 51 assists for a total of 76 points in just 30 games. James Faraday is also a prospect who is poised to make the Season 40 Titans team. Faraday currently plays with Erikson on the Ottawa Lynx and has 51 points in 30 games this season. These two forwards are developing in a winning environment and will expect nothing less when they join the Titans in Season 40. They will add a much needed scoring threat to the Titans forward core. Erikson and Faraday will join Miller, Stokes, Raymond and Morgan to round out the top six forward spots. Looking even further into the future, the Titans have multiple first round draft picks in the upcoming S40 "Super-Duper Draft'.



Erikson and Faraday celebrate a power play goal on the Ottawa Lynx


With all this said it appears Season 40 is going to hold some big expectations for the Titans. They will definitely be looking to take first place in the European Conference and will be looking to challenge for the Victory Cup and the Continental Cup. Time is of the essence for the Titans as they should be able to string together many competing seasons with this up and coming roster. Reinforcements are coming.


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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

516 words. A really good glimpse of the present and the future with the Titans. I think the future holds well for the team, but I guess I expected to be better than we are. I guess if we aren't winning hockey games, we should at least set all the offensive sliders to 5 and have some fun with it. Great article here.

Grammar: 2/2

conference = Conference

Appearance: 1/1

Very appealing.

Overall: 6/6

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