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Las Vegas Aces Announce New AGM


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"Yeah, we couldn't be more thrilled to have it on board as the new assistant General Manager of the prestigious Las Vegas Aces franchise". These were the first words to come from Las Vegas Aces General Manager AJ Williams from the press conference that resonated around the VHLM world yesterday. "While we weren't necessarily thrilled with it's responses, or I guess in fact lack of response, to the interview questions that we had for it, including how it got an interview in the first place given that we hadn't initially put it on the hiring shortlist, we decided to give it a trial day at the job and we could not have been more impressed with the work ethic on display. When people talk about people being on their game 24/7, they're talking in hyperbole because that's simply not possible, or so we thought. From hour one on the job to hour 24, it was in that office non-stop without any breaks, no food, no drink, it was a GMing machine and, quite frankly, we would be stupid not to hire something like that who is going to go not just the extra mile, but an extra 50."


A prolonged silence then followed before one of the journalists finally piped up


"But, it's a Board Game...In fact, it looks like the Board Game Clue? Does that have any right to be an assistant general manager for any hockey team, let alone one with strong links to the VHL?" 


Williams smirked "That may be what you think from where you're sat, but you'd be so very wrong. While you are right in that in that it is the Board Game Clue, it is not JUST The Board Game Clue"


Williams proceeded to lift up his assistant General Manager for those in attendance.


"This is The Board Game Clue On Skates!"


Rapturous applause followed along with chants of "CLUE! CLUE! CLUE!" from the gallery. This has to go down as undoubtedly an inspired hiring by Williams 

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