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My Random VHL Thoughts - S80 - Part 5

Fire Fletcher

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  • Wumbo was drafted by the Ottawa Lynx - very happy about that! Ottawa was one of the teams to reach out to me pre-draft and I have a long history with the franchise. Hopefully we can go back to back this season.
  • Trade Me @WentzKneeFan036went UNDRAFTED? He hasn't hit the training room since he joined the VHLM? Is this player already a bust? Is there maybe room in Ottawa for this player? It takes about 15, maybe 20 minutes to earn 11 capped TPE a week?
  • Anyone else watching Wheel of Time on Amazon? I'm only on Book 10 and some people watching haven't read the books at all, so no book spoilers if you're discussing please! Looking back on it, it's actually kind of funny that in old-VHL one of the only things that could actually earn you a ban was posting spoilers about Game of Thrones or some other popular series.
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