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Odinsson and Patrenko


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Review: Okay, this is awesome! It's an honour to have a graphic beside such a prolific right winger. Odinsson is a great acquisition. Graphic-wise, you pulled this two player graphic off very well. Symmetrical despite different poses and great use of the player renders. I love the splashes and fog-like effects used with the red and it definitely looks really nice with different reds and even a bit of gold in the background. I love having the two players side by side and the font selection is great! I also find it very funny that the first names form the name "Sigard Gunnar", who is actually who I named my player after. Only real feedback is to maybe swap out the Coyotes logo on the players or hide it more and maybe make the firsts names a bit more visible. Other than that, excellent graphic. 9/10

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