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Tucker Does Good Stuff And NSG Do Be AGMing


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Well, it's true. Henry Tucker has actually done something good. As his team, the Vancouver Wolves, stormed to the Continental Cup, Henry actually played a part in it, unlike when he won the Founder's Cup in Miami in Season 75. This time around, Tucker led all playoff people with 14 goals, 4 power play goals, 4 game winners, and 24 points, as well as finishing 2nd in hits (62), 3rd in shots (104), and recording a hat trick and shorthanded goal. The Board of Governors did not overlook him, and he easily won the Playoffs MVP Award, which is his first ever award (not counting the unofficial Major2 Award for most major penalties). He also started to hit regression, which is quite sad, however, he is only 20 TPE away from having the exact same build he did last year, so all is well. He is also planning to sign a 2-year extension with Vanny, which would make sure that he plays his entire career for the Wolves.


This has also been my first week of what will be many, many weeks of AGMing (since I don't have STHS, I could very likely be Nyko's assistant for quite a long time). It's been really fun! I've had some excellent conversations with people in the LR, made a presser, and gotten to be more involved in the league, which is really cool. I've listened to some excellent podcasts as well, however I'm kinda ADHD with podcasts so I only make it through like 10 minutes.

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