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Malmo move more chips


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The Deals

      Malmo's new GM was hard at work all offseason as soon as the ink touched the paper. He began last week by shipping out Sova and bringing in Welch, but these are older deals already gone over. Today we'll be looking at 3 smaller trades, as well as some other activity later on. 


Deal 1

:mal:Receives: S82:war:4th

:war:Receives: Muffbeav

       This was probably an easy no brainer for both teams. Malmo had no room left for Muffbeav due to the cap, plus he was a free agent anyway. Warsaw probably wanted a head start to negotiate with Muffbeav to try and bolster their team up some more. Muffbeav still remains unsigned with 4 offers on the table. so worst case for Warsaw would be losing a 4th and not signing Muffbeav, which is basically 0 damage total for both sides, with only upside to gain on either side.


Deal 2

:mal:Receives: Steve Eso

:cal: Receives: S82:mal:3rd

      This is where Malmo got to take advantage of a tight situation in Calgary. For the same reason's Malmo moved Muffbeav. They really needed a center after shipping Muffbeav who had been playing off of his natural wing position. Eso brings a lot of experience and skill who should slide into Malmo's top line nicely. It cost Malmo a 3rd, which I'm sure Calgary is happy to take rather then nothing at all. 


Deal 3

:mal:Receives: Thomas Price

:ldn: Receives: Ed Nu, S82:mal:4th

      This deal was originally an all picks deal, but 2 of the 3 picks have been used, so I replaced them with names. This deal was just Malmo shipping 2 picks for 1 pick in a spot where they still liked a player. They then selected Goaler Thomas Price who must have caught the eyes of Dom somehow, someway. London probably didn't see the exact same board Malmo did, so they saw a chance to get 2 slightly lesser picks for the price of 1. 


What else?

    Due to no room left for Malmo, Odinsson headed for the Seattle Bears where they look to be a big threat in the west this year. Sure Odinsson could've been moved for a small package, but since he was a free agent and out the door regardless, it probably would've been a 3rd or 4th round pick. The Malmo roster is pretty much all but set for this upcoming season. With 2.5 million left in spare salary cap room, Dom may not be done the quest for deals. There could be a mid season move on the horizon.


The Team

     Malmo's team starts at the back with Tretiak holding the 'big stick'. Carson comes back to complete the dream tandem that won Malmo a cup 2 years back. Moving up to the defense we have Kaberle who probably takes charge on the backend. He's got a new teammate beside him in Welch who will act as the #2, but really could be a #1 on many other teams. Wu comes back for a 6th season in the VHL to round off the D men. The forwards are lead offensively by Telker who enters his 5th season in the league. Deathwalker adds the toughness and skill to be the #1 RW on the team hands down. Eso starts his 6th season who I expect to center the 1st line this year. Mourning is back for his 3rd full VHL season, where I expect him to have a breakout season, no pressure! Depreciation hasn't been kind to Sosa, but then again, when is depreciation ever kind? Sosa can do a fine job as the #2 center in Malmo this year. Last but not least to round out the roster is Minion, who finally breaks onto the team in a very crucial year. 


P.S. Thank you to Muffbeav and Odinsson for helping us get to a cup, you guys will be dearly missed. Good luck to both of you in the future!




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Really good job on this! The article is a truly concise and understandable summary of Malmo's moves - you've written it in such an approachable way that even a noob like myself can understand. You've also sliped in a fair amount of your own thoughts on what happened which I appreciated greatly. Awesome work.



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In your signature tight yet informative style, you've caught us up to speed on a busy Malmo off-season. You've done a quick breakdown of the circumstantial and financial reasons why the trade were made plus your analysis on how both sides are affected. Nicely formatted as well!


Review: 10/10

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