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DeGroot goes first overall


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Tavish DeGroot did not attend the VHLM entry draft this past weekend. Newspapers across the globe were racing to find out why the consensus first overall selection was not present to the crowning achievement of his youth career. Because of the chaos of the draft day, the San Diego Marlins took advantage of the rookie minors general managers and traded down from first. A risky move - but the veteran @JB123 must've known that because Tavish was not present, teams would be too intimated to draft him. The new managers BrutalBoost and N0HBDY did exactly as JB predicted: making "safe" picks - a surefire way to torpedo their franchise directly to the bottom of the VHLM.


Tavish was not seen until the early hours of Saturday night, away from the prying eyes of the reporters. A post quickly went viral on social media after Marlins fans found their future captain being forcibly removed from a San Diego nightclub. The young man must've known where he was being drafted and headed to the city to celebrate with the fans!

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