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Bigger And Better - Seattle Bears


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SEATTLE - The Bears are back. Their general manager made some bold moves this offseason and they seem to be ready to make a push for the playoffs. Scrappy, tough, and rough, these Bears are shaping up to be quite the interesting team. Sigard Petrenko, Vinny Detroit, and Nixon Caldwell are returning from last year’s lineup but a plethora of new additions have arrived in the Pacific Northwest. As an attempt to fast-forward the rebuilding process, some noteworthy names are joining the fray. Justin Lose, Luke Thornton, Gunnar Odinsson, Venus Thightrap, as well as Zeedayno Chara are now officially part of the Season 81 Bears family. Two rookies will be joining the team as well, with Sven Eightnine looking to kick off his VHL career and Em Em Flex starting off between the pipes.


“It’ll definitely be a hard team to play against, I hope. I know I’ll probably have a diminished role considering both Lose and Odinsson’s arrivals here in Seattle but I don’t mind. As long as I do my part and do what I can to get better while keeping a spot on this team, I’ll be fine. Just makes me more excited to get on the ice and see what I can learn from those guys.” Sigard Petrenko commented when asked about the new acquisitions.


“Em Em Flex was annoying to try and score against in the VHLM finals when I was with Mississauga. It was great having Vinny from Mississauga here and now we get to meet up with another old teammate, Sven. Hopefully, we’re gonna have a lot of fun here.”

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