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Time to rank the now eight VHLE team logos


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So back around season 77/78 I did a ranking of all the VHL and VHLM team logos, separate from each other. With the VHLE now going into it's second full season and it's got two "new" teams. I thought about ranking the logos back when they were first shown off but I wanted to finish the series I was working on at the time. To be honest I wasn't even planning on doing this but I've seen some VHLM logo rankings recently which has made me wanna do this, and maybe after this I'll do that grand list? Maybe, kinda curious if the league will add two actual new teams to the E to match the M, so there's ten teams in each league minor league. If that did happen that would mean there would be a total of 36 team logos to rank, that would be fun, would probably be done in parts, to match for one media spot.


Now if you haven't read my previous rankings well know that I am more about my personal taste on the team logos, more about "are they cool to me? are they intimidating?" I'm not as much into what's the significant to the city with the Logo, if it has some historical connection to the location and so on. Also two of the logos I have ranked before so I won't have much new to say about them. With that out of the way let's get started. 

8th: Oslo Storm


Card image cap

This should be no surprise if you read the VHLM logo rankings, this logo is one of my least favorites in the entire league, like bottom three least favorite. You know I'm just not a fan of humans being used for team logos, there's also just not much going on in it, it's pretty dull and uninspired. I really hope with the Storm returning to Oslo that maybe they feel the need to retire this logo and give the team a new one.


7th: Bratislava Watchmen

Card image cap

I kinda feel bad for this one as I actually played for this team in the draft tournament in season 79, but I just can't get behind this logo, it's a lighthouse, or a tower, regardless it's not interesting to look at in my opinion. I'm sure it has a lot of significance to Bratislava but as I don't really care about that it's a rather lame. While I don't have a big problem with the name of the team being on the logo i really don't like it here, this logo is one of least favorites now, bottom five for sure.


6th: Cologne Express

Card image cap

Honestly I had a really hard time choosing number six, I should say it now that I'm not a big fan of a lot of the VHLE team logos. I like this one a bit more than the Watchmen's lgog but it's a small gap. It's a train, and a train is better than a lighthouse, I think there is potential for it and this one is alright. I really don't like the incorporation of the name though, I think you could have worked it into the grill of the train instead of it feeling like a awkward blorb on the front. I would drop Cologne and put express down the middle. I will say the outline is pretty cool to.


5th: Vasteras Iron Eagles

Card image cap

So I am way more in favor of using animals for team logos, if the name permits it that is. Of course with a team named Iron Eagles you would want to have an eagle, however it feels like no creative direction was taking, like they took the name to literally, it's the head of an eagle and a shield for the background. The colors are also uninspired, you could have done something more interesting with the shield background, the hint of some kind of design on it. I only slightly rate it above the Express.


4th: Rome Gladiators

Card image cap

This might just be my favorite human logo, and I seriously think the Titans should take inspiration from this one for a new logo. The details, the design, the colors are great, I think I  would have liked it if the cape was red to though, small thing though. While I still wouldn't put it in my upper echelon of team logos it is a solid logo, I also like the background. I hope they keep it for a long time as I don't know what much else you could do to improve it.


3rd: Geneva Rush

Card image cap

Originally I had this as number two but after a closer look at one I had to move this one down, this logo has a wonderful simplicity to it, it's got that perfect mix of knowing when to add color or detail and knowing when to hold back. I do really like the color choices and just going with the R is smart, it's not your typical "just throw the team name on it because it needs more". Going with the R to represent 'Rush' is just smart and I feel doesn't have the same problem as mentioned before. The little details of having it tilted, the hair or wings (still not sure what they're supposed to be) and that it's not restricted to being just inside the circle give it a cool silhouette. I know it's not much but I've always just liked it.


2nd: Stockholm Vikings

Card image cap

This logo for me moved up a few spots actually, the more I looked at it, the more I came to like it. From it's gold color and blue secondary, to the head of the ship and name reversal, it's got a lot to like. The head is intimidating, it gives it some fear, you got the stripes on the mast, the shields on the side, it gives the impression that this teams is fast, defensive and strong. The darker and lighter stripes on the boat are a good touch as I think it makes it more pleasing to the eyes, lastly the name reversal, or rather having Vikings before Stockholm is a nice switch up from the usual city name then team name, white accents add to it nicely. I think it would be in my top half if I ranked all the logos together.


1st: Istanbul Redwolves

Card image cap

When the team logos were revealed this one quickly became my favorite, it is more on the simple side but I feel it's effective. Going with circle shape and having the outer edge and inner edge, the wolf itself which honestly is kinda on the cute side for me but it's still really cool, and I like the decision to go with a lot of pointy edges, it's not really intimidating but still feels like this team means business. I like how the team name was incorporated as well, yea it's not exactly new or anything but it's effective, the moon shape and star are nice touches, I'm sure they have some kind of meaning to the city but I they just look nice here. If I ranked the logos in tiers I wouldn't put it in the S tier that has the Dragons and Nighthawks but it would be high A tier.


There you have it, that's how I feel about the VHLE team logos, overall of the six new ones I really only like two of them, with the Red Wolves having a logo that makes me really want to play for the team at some point, I was really hoping that would happen during the season 79 event, but I'll have to wait for my next player for that to hopefully happen. Personally the way I feel is that you have four team logos that are pretty poor, the two bottom ones really not fulfilling anything I like in team logos, and the other two being decent if anything else. The other half are better, four, three and two are all good and I'd be fine with them sticking around for a long time and number one being great and something I may never tire of. In terms of ranking them all I wanna hold off on that, I'm curious if there will be any new updated logos coming in and if there's any interest in expanding the VHLE to ten teams like it is in the M, or maybe we see another team move to make it nine in each? I'm doubtful of that since keeping the numbers even is usually better.


If the we get 36 overall teams I'll do it then and there, I'd probably split it up into three parts and have 12 teams per post. I think that's all I really have left to say, yea I'm dragging this out a little because I wanna get to 1500 words for three weeks claim, I'm sure y'all understand. Chao for now, until next time.


(word count 1504)

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Review:  I generally enjoy a ranking article, but this one not as much.  Author sets up the criteria - "are the logos cool to me" - so you know what you are getting into, but that set of criteria might be more interesting for the writer than the reader.  There was good analysis of the actual design elements, I thought, but devoid of any attachment to place, it just loses a lot for me.  Well written even given that critique and having the actual logos to compare with comments always makes for a more interesting read.  But when you only have one criteria - "does it look cool" - a lot of interest is lost.  5/10

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