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What can we do?


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If you haven't noticed yet, we just had an influx of new recruits from the recent ad that dropped today. You may also see VHLM GMs and AGMs scrambling to get their pitch in as soon as a player creates.


What you don't see is that these players create and leave. Some people not even know there is a forum since player creation is on the portal.


So my question is, what can we do to retain these players better? I've posted pitches as soon as the player creates multiple times. Those players never reply to anyone.


VHLM GMs have the hardest job in the VHL. We have to get new players, keep them active and earning and say goodbye to them in a season. What do we, as GMs, do to retain these players better?


I want to have a discussion. I feel like it would help our growth moving forward.

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