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Prospect Report - Connor Johnson


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Connor joined the league late in the s80 season, additionally he saw for himself first hand playoff experience. Quickly Connor became the top defensemen on the Halifax squad and was one of the key additions late in the season that propelled Halifax into a key spot in the playoffs. This key spot put Halifax in a position that put them up against a team that was only arguable better, whereas if they didn't get to this spot they would be facing teams like Yukon and Ottawa who are nearly unbeatable. Connor and Halifax stormed past there first playoff opponent. Sadly however, Halifax was promptly eliminated in the next round by Yukon. Connor took this playoff run and experience during his first season fantastically. Since the start of his career in the VHLM, Connor has been developing as fast as he knows how to, there isn't a task or workout routine he has knowingly missed.


Connor went into the draft with high hopes and they were met perfectly. Getting drafted by Geneva in the VHLE was a dream and being drafted by Riga was even better. Connor was ecstatic when he learned he was drafted by Riga due to the fact that his Halifax teammate and late contributor to the playoff push, as well as best friend, Marshall Maxx was drafted by the same team. It is well known and even certain that Marshall and Connor will be a force for years on the Riga squad, teams better watch out as that Riga first line will be STACKED.



Connor is a two-way defensemen, he focuses on stopping the opponent first but he prides himself in his ability to drive the net and his exceptional pass/shooting talent. Connor is also known for his well above average skating and puck handling considering how young he is. There isn't much stopping Connor from obtaining the VHLM defensemen of the year award, except maybe one man, Marshall Maxx.



Connor is NOT known for his strength on defense, it is very possible that he will get tossed around on the ice, additionally he is known for excessive penalties. He has stated that those are some of his key attributes that he intends to work on next, considering how well rounded his raw talent is, a simple addition to his physical build could be all he needs to take the VHL by storm.


Overall, Connor is one of the top defensemen prospects in the league and will see time in the VHL NEXT season, and if he decides too, he may skip right to the VHLE and not play in the VHLM ever again.

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