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Sneak Preview: TPE Leaders Week of 8/4-8/10


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I came up with an idea to write a weekly segment based on spent TPE for the week. I thought "being sim updater, it wouldn't be that much more difficult to record what TPE was being spent on by who".


I've now compiled two weeks of data, and will generate a report analyzing trends in the VHL week to week.


Why do this? Attribute trends can help all players understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own players, as well as the VHL as a whole. If we are seeing more TPE going into Scoring, players can compensate by buying more Defense. If TPE is being spent on Puck Handling, maybe players will be more inclined to take Hitting to counter it and so on.


Hopefully by recognizing the trends, teams with less active players can stay a little more competitive and teams with more active players can fine tune their strategies.


A part of this report will be the "Top Weekly TPE Earners". General Managers can keep track of these members and their players to see who's hot from week to week. Here are the Top Earners from Week 3:


Victor - Matt Bentley (HC Davos Dynamo) - +66

701 - Wesley Matthews (Bratislava Watchmen) - +60

Corco - Eggly Bagelface (Vasteras Iron Eagles) - +52

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It just shows who were lazy and didnt update in weeks and just claimed it at once :P


The star the burns the brightest fades the fastest.



I'm thinking of calling this report "Mad TPE".


Get in on VICTOR while he's hot folks, next week he may be in my "OH GOD, GET RID OF HIM NOW" category.

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