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Eagles earns Bronze


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The World cup is over and Tom Eagles and Team World have achieved a bronze medal. It was not what Team World was hoping for but that's how the tournament goes sometimes. They lost in the Semi-Finals to Team Nordic in a close 4-3 game which ended their hope in achieving a gold medal finish. The game went into overtime and Team World just didn't have what it took to win.

" It was a disappointing game for myself and the team. One lucky bounce for us could have changed the outcome" Tom said "I was also disappointed in my play in this game...I played so well to the lead up and when it mattered most I couldn't get it done. I finished with a -1 and 0 points which is unacceptable. I felt like I let my team and country down"

Losing the semi-final game really lit a fire under Team Worlds ass and they knew they had to at least win the bronze. In the bronze medal game they played Team Western Europe and things went much differently. Team World dominated the game and won by a huge margin of 7-3.  Tom had a better game by scoring 1 goal in the game. The team showed more fight and determination this game vs the semi-final game and many fans are wondering what could have happened if they showed the same fight.


"It was definitely a better game for us, we wanted to end this tournament with some sort of medal for sure" Tom continued " We all knew we should have been playing for the gold but hockey is a funny game and it wasn't meant to be this year. I am sure we will compete again and win the gold during the next tournament and I hope I will be a part of that team"

With Eagles being close to retirement when the next world cup comes around, it is unknown if he will be selected. Usually players in their last year have a tougher time being picked as teams want players in their prime.


" I don't know what will happen in 2 years time but I will never decline to play for the world team" Tom said " I hope that when the next one comes around I am still playing at a pace where I can contribute and help Team World win a gold. I will be looking forward to the invite and if not, at least I know I tried to give it my all this year"

Tom now prepares for another VHL season, this year being his 6th, as he tries to lead the Wranglers to the elusive cup. Tom has only played for Calgary in his career and his goal is to bring his team to the finals and win it all. On paper the team looks very solid this year but as well know, being good on paper doesn't help you win games in real life. One thing we can guarantee is that it will be an exciting season for Wrangler fans.



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