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Draft of an inexperienced Ed Nu.....


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Good day to all of you!

So the 80th season of games has passed, in which The Ottawa Lynx team noticed me at the last games, for which I am very grateful to her! After playing in it for a short time, we became conference champions! CONGRATULATIONS to the great game of all the players and especially to our coach @16z!

Then the season was over) And I went on a free voyage again, I was divided by two feelings, it seemed sad to leave a great team, but on the other hand, the opportunity for a new journey opened up!
And at some point I got a message from @Mcwolf.

I thought that I was being lured to another VHLM team, but how surprised I was when it turned out that it was the VHL London United team. I was in shock! In a pleasant shock! I want to express my great gratitude for such great trust! I hope I won't let you down)

Having calmed down on this, I already began to dream, as a message came from @kaleebthemighty from the Istanbul Red Wolves team, and then I got confused at all, how is this possible?) What have I done to make someone need me, because so many goalkeepers are stronger than me and much better. And here I am in two teams at once? Thank you for trusting the Wolves, I hope I will be useful to you and you will not be disappointed in me!

After being in a strange state for a while, @16z took me to The Ottawa Lynx, and so I returned HOME! In the house that I was accepted when I was out of practice, in a place where I was accepted green and not experienced, where I was taught a lot and given a hint how to behave at matches, in a team in which friendship and mutual assistance reigns! Thank you, my family!)

Forever young Ed Nu!)

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