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Vasteras Ambitions


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The VHLE draft had come quickly after the headrush that was the VHL draft. It was nowhere near as exciting, but Tadhg would be a liar if he said he wasn’t curious to see where he ended up in Europe. He’d done a little research about all of the teams, and a few teams had even done research on him. He’d gotten more calls from VHLE GMs as time went on, with roughly half the league contacting him.


As he sat in the arena, he watched the draft board go up and names get called. It was another VHL situation, he expected to be drafted later, maybe still in the first round this time around. Being the top goaltender in a draft really helps out with your stock, Tadhg had learned.

When it got to the fifth pick, Tadhg had the pleasure of hearing his name called by the GM of the Vasteras Iron Eagles. Getting drafted to a cup winner was nothing that Tadhg was going to complain about. Vasteras had multiple VHL graduates on that cup winning team, former first overall pick Xavier Booberry being one of them. Tadhg would be a liar if he said that the shadow of one of the best young goalies in the world didn’t scare him a little. Tadhg would also be a liar if he said that he wasn’t ready to dispel that shadow with the brightness of his own future. He was ready to get to work in the lakeside city, hoping that he can help bring a cup back to his new home of Vasteras.

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