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Short Interview with Rhynex Entertainment Preseason 81

Rhynex Entertainment

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With Season 81 starting soon as the off season is ending, we found time to speak with VHL New York Americans veteran and star, Rhynex Entertainment @Rhynex Entertainment

Reporter: Hello Rhynex! Do you have a minute for a short interview? We've heard you will be hanging up your skates after the season, what are your thoughts and preparation heading into your final season in the VHL?


RE: Hello. It has been a long tenure with the New York Americans! This will be my 7th season, and I have to say I'm pretty fortunate. People don't normally get to play their whole career with the same franchise, I've seen greats move on during the tenure here. With Red Lite @Tate moving on and retiring after last season, it is time to leave New York in the hands of the future after one more season.


Reporter: What are the plans for season 81, your final season in the VHL?


RE: To be honest, there's not much planned for season 81, New York is heading back to refreshing the cupboards with the departure and trades of (Zeedayno) Chara @Jubis and (Thadius) Sales @thadthrasher, along with Luke (Thornton) @Jtv123 as well. It's going to be a tough and long season, but that's okay. I'm at my twilight of my career. It's just time to stack the stats, help the new players grow and build on the franchise records.


Reporter: It's definitely going to be a season to remember! We hope to see you "entertain" once more before it's lights out! Best of luck from Season 81!


RE: Thank you!


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