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SITR: Pre-Season 81 Rhynex Entertainment Career Overview

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SITR: Pre-Season 81 Rhynex Entertainment Career Overview


A look back at the career of VHL veteran Rhynex Entertainment @Rhynex Entertainment. We, here at Stick In The Rink remember featuring a young S73 VHLM draftee, Rhynex Entertainment. Now with Season 81 beginning shortly, we once again re-visit Rhynex Entertainment, but this time in the twilight of his VHL career. His retirement season, season 81.  


Centre, 6'0'', 176 lbs, Rhynex Entertainment, current team: New York Americans (VHL)


Rhynex was a highly touted Canadian prospect from the Midget Juniors. Just barely 16 years of age when he first got drafted and started his career playing hockey in the VHLM, time sure flies and we're already at the end of the line, 9 season later.  Rhynex is a player loved by his coaches, a mega workhorse; first on the ice and last off every practice. A dream Center for most coaches with his work. Rhynex has shown to be skilled on the dot, with a fantastic face-off percentage. Rhynex averaged 54.83% in Season 80 in the VHL.


Rhynex Entertainment was drafted 55th Overall into the VHLM in Season 73, and then 27th Overall into the VHL by the New York Americans in Season 74. In the VHLM, Rhynex played for the Las Vegas Aces, where he had a fantastic two seasons, including winning the Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy as the VHLM league champion in passing the puck and assists in Season 74. The same season, Rhynex Entertainment tried his hardest to carry an underwhelming Team Canada Juniors Team, scoring 7 goals and 12 points in 8 games in the world stage.


In Season 75, as a rookie of the VHL with the New York Americans, Rhynex Entertainment had a fantastic rookie season. Rhynex led all rookies with 35 goals and 89 points in 72 games. However, Rhynex did not get a single vote in Season 75's Rookie of the Year votes. To this day, it's a shadow mystery, but that's a story for another time. Rhynex followed up his sophomore season, with the best season in his career, thus far. Rhynex broke the 40 goal barrier in Season 76, scoring 44 goals, and added along 53 assists for 97 points in 72 games. Rhynex also had a career low in PIMs with 52 for the season, while shooting the most with 478 shots. Not to mention the 45 shot blocks, which is currently also still a career high.


Nothing to say about New York American's success, as Rhynex Entertainment does not see any VHL Playoffs games until Season 78, where he had a short 4 games stint. Rhynex did have 3 goals and 8 points in those 4 playoff games though.


Ahead of his final season in the VHL, Season 81, Rhynex Entertainment has been a career 30+ goal scorer and point per game plus player. Worse season came  in Season 79, with 31 goals and 74 points, though Rhynex did have a career year in Hits, with 178, and also career low in Shots taken with only 283. Rhynex currently has a career 209 goals, 294 assists, and 503 points in 432 career VHL games. These stats actually puts Rhynex Entertainment at 9th overall on New York Americans' franchise Goal Scoring leader board; 7th overall on New York Americans' franchise Assist leader board; and also 7th overall on New York Americans' franchise Points leader board.


As of right now, Rhynex Entertainment stands at 949 TPE, heading into his final season, Season 81. What kind of production will Rhynex Entertainment have in his final moments in the VHL? We will revisit this question after the season is over!


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Seems like you were a VHLM player still only yesterday, weird to see your player in his final season already. Sucks that you only played 4 playoff games in your whole career to this point, hopefully New York sees more success next season. Good luck in your final season in the league, it was my most productive season in my player's career so hopefully it will be for you as well. I think your article was well written and was enjoyable to read. 9/10

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