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houston bulls do drafting


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The draft this season featured a lot of later round picks, as we prepare to make a cup run next season.


31st Overall, LW Charlie: A player that claims both welfare and practice facility every week, as well as first gen bonuses. Has shown some interest in becoming an AGM and we felt comfortable taking him here.


32nd Overall, RW Ray withers: Another player that claims welfare and practice facility and the first gen bonuses. The second pick of three, he previously played for Mexico City.


33rd Overall, C DB II: A player that previously played with my team in Saskatoon as Dan Baillie Jr., I know wcats reasonably well and felt he was a good addition here.


43rd Overall, LW Ayomide Ayodele: We wanted another forward here and Ayodele happened to be one of the last forwards available. Like our first 2 picks he does welfare, but unlike them he is in an affiliate league, EFL.


45th Overall, D Jarno Lappi: Wanting a defenseman to round out the defense, I felt that aksuko was a good pick. He was our former backup in Seattle and a steal for us in FA there.


47th Overall, LW Obi Adesanya: First gen that joined last week and earned 10 capped and his junior review, should be a later round gem.


52nd Overall, G Dylan Dubynk: Recreate that is possibly related to Devan Dubnyk in the NHL. We traded up to get him as a backup but the addition of Red Gaming made things complicated.


81st Overall, G Red Gaming: Was not expecting to find an active player in the 7th. We already had 2 goalies with the addition of Dubnyk, but there were really no other active players left so I think it was a good selection.


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