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S80 Champions Cup Banner Contest


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Hello all,


A few seasons ago we started this seasonal banner contest. The winner of this contest will have their championship banner on our front page until we can crown next season's winner. This season of course is a bit more interesting since we have added the VHLE which means we need 3 teams on the banner! Hopefully the size isn’t problematic but if it is we’ll adjsut for next season.



1. Image must be 600 x 1800

2. Image must include the VHL, VHLE, and the VHLM Champions (Vancouver, Vasteras, and Ottawa respectively)

3. Please PM submissions to me on the forums or Discord

4. Deadline is one week from today, Monday, November 29th @ 5PM EST


From the submissions, the best 3-5 will be selected for a public vote. The winner of this vote will receive 5 uncapped TPE as the winner of this contest. All entries, including the winner and those not chosen to be in the public vote, can be used as point tasks but we ask that you save them for after the vote so that voting can avoid bias.

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  • Commissioner

This is going to be extended by a couple of days per the request of a few members. In addition to that I’m willing to say that if you can fit it in the standard 600x1200 size that’s fine, apologies to those who already worked with the weird dimensions and you can re-submit if you’d like (though you don’t have to). I didn’t think it would have room but I’m having second thoughts.

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