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a mini podcast with Minion ep3S1


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- Yes, chicken nuggets from your local fast food restaurant are DEFINITELY good for you!


- I was having trouble hearing you over Reese for a bit there 😂


- Turn your phone down in class you scoundrel!


- I’ll admit I didn’t love the Houston trade, but I can’t say I didn’t appreciate a 1st this season


- Three Reese cups, three pauses for noms. Who’s the real sponsor of this episode?


- Even though I had an inside track with it, I still enjoy hearing about your draft strategy and your thoughts on everything!


- Never give the AGM rights!


- @Horcrux MIGHT have dropped a bit from where we got her, but probably not too much, or even to our next pick.


- I think we can be open as to whether we sink the boat or not in the off season! ;)


Great podcast as usual, I enjoy listening to them! :cheers: 

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Leblanc (Leh-Blah-Nk) is how you pronounce it haha. 

I also dont think i was going to be on the board much longer (draft board) so picking me when you did was the right call.

Appreciate the kind words. I wanted to play on the 21st anyway. 

and I can balance my time ❤️ ill be active haha

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