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VHL Spotlight: Västerås Iron Eagles





Make Old Mike Proud?


Today we are going to do a spotlight on the VHL's Västerås Iron Eagles. There have been rumors circulating around the board that indicate that the team will be moving to a different location and come out with a new identity. Although a move seems imminent, the team will most likely remain in Sweden and move to a more populated location; such as Stockholm, Malmö or Gothenburg. This could be their final season in Västerås so what can we expect from this team? We go through all the data and predict the final result.




They have three dynamic forwards but the rest of the group looks to be lacking true talent. Their main offensive output comes from the likes of Lindberg, Janssen and Toriyama with the addition of Cody Inko and Adam Krylad on the wings. With a barren cupboard of prospects, there definitely doesn't look like they will be getting any reinforcements for this season. Their top three have all put up numbers that exceed the point per game mark and Lindberg brings a sense of strong two-way play. I believe if they really want to make a push then they will need to bring in an upgrade on wing so the team will have more options to score with.




There is no real big name on the defense but they have built a solid core of tight knit players. Ville Sixten was acquired in a trade with Toronto alongside Lindberg and has been doing an admirable job anchoring the back end. There is no real large shut down defender but they won't need one since this team has done well trying to keep the goaltender's job easy. Kravinen still has some development to go so they have some solid pieces but will this be enough for them to go the distance? I want to say that they need an upgrade but their defense has been getting the job done and I do not know why we should mess with that.


Is Eggly Bagelface ready to become the best goaltender in the league? No, he is not. With his announced retirement, claiming that he will only play to the end of next season, there has been speculation that he is retiring due to his recent form. Bagelface still shows flashes of brilliance but he will need to step it up if the Iron Eagles have any chance of taking flight. He is more experienced than most goaltenders in the league so we believe he will rebound in the second half of the season. There is no need to upgrade here since we all believe that Eggly Bagelface, the man with the best name in this league, will return to his old self.


Overall we believe that Västerås has a nice core group that can overtake Cologne in the standings. That is nothing against the Express organization but we believe that the high-end talent of Janssen should be enough to give the Iron Eagles a favorable edge. We will make a very bold prediction and say that Västerås will win the championship and make it difficult for the general manager to move the team. They have a lot of key pieces and are in a win-now mode and we believe they will build up enough momentum to take out the giants. Crazy? Maybe but we will find out.


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