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S81 Regular Season Index


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@VHLE GM Index is finally here, just a note for the two expansion GM's (Geneva and Oslo) that I haven't created the bots yet but given your roster sizes you don't need to send in lines, I can auto that through once I've created the bots and we are ready to go. For everyone else the rosters should be fine send in those lines! If you have any issues with your line ups you should hopefully know the drill. Shoot me a PM or DM on Discord and we can clear it up. As a last note, I'm still not on a great enough internet to be able to do livestreams for a spell yet, which is why we structured  me to run E this season. I'll likely be able to livesim again before the season is over however so once that can become a more normal thing I'll let you know. 


Anyway; lets have a fun second season of this here E league thing. :cheers: 

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Where did the triple sim from last night go you ask? Well it's still in the index but ignore that as it's being resimmed tonight.


As for the reason: It turns out the two expansion teams would like their roster of players. Not just the few I saw when I built the index. Perhaps creating the bots and filling them up without bothering to look at their updated roster would be my boo boo. Perhaps possibly doesn't mean perhaps in this paragraph.


Anyway; resim tonight see ya then.

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After much delay and hassle, resim of the open triple sim to start the season is done. I'll be doing another double sim later tonight to catch us up to where we are supposed to be at this season, I just want to give some time for GM's to make adjustments if needed. Thanks for all your patience. :cheers: 

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