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(S82) D - Lerak, TPE: 60

Lerak Abycyk

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Buenas, @Lerak Abycyk!

Together with my AGM @Vice, we welcome you to the VHL! You will absolutely love it here. The VHLM is a great opportunity to learn more about playing in the VHL and to make the best player that you possibly can. Here in Mexico City, we will teach you about the ins-and-outs of the VHL and help you on your journey to the big leagues. We can offer you 2nd pairing ice time which means you'll be getting plenty of chances to shine!! Plus you have a chance to move up during the season! Since our team is currently in a rebuild state, it will give us a chance to focus on you individually to help your skills.


Starting with this document, a guide on TPE, the main way that your stats are managed in the VHL:


I can admit, it may seem overwhelming at first, but join us and you will BE AMONG ROYALTY


Just quote and reply with #HAILTOTHEKINGS to join us!


~youloser1337 (Mexico City GM)


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My name is a_Ferk and I am the AGM of the Houston Bulls. In Houston we would be able to offer you 3rd pair minutes. Houston isn’t the favorite but we still have a good chance to be a top 4 team and make a run in the playoffs. You could be huge in helping us make that push! We have plenty of people to help you learn and grow as a player!


In Houston, we believe in a person’s first experience so much, as we want you to update as much as possible. We also understand life can get in the way sometimes! We want the people behind the screen to have an amazing experience.


I'd love to see you in a Houston uniform! To join Houston quote this with #HORNS UP!

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Hey @Lerak Abycyk!


Welcome to the VHL! I am AJ, GM of the Las Vegas Aces. Our roster is filling up quickly but I can offer your player 2nd Pairing Minutes! 


If you’d like to join us this season, quote this message saying #RollTheDice 


Hope to hear from you soon! :)

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Welcome @Lerak Abycyk to the vhl! My name is Comrade cat the agm of the quebec foxes! We can give you third line minutes we are a growing team and with you on our side we may be able to win the cup just say #HAILTOFOX and we will send you a sighing! Enjoy the VHL



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Credit to Zetterberg


Hi @Lerak Abycyk welcome to the VHL! I'm the assistant general manager of the Miami Marauders. This season, the Marauders are rebuilding, but that means we can offer you top nine minutes and special teams time. However, with the amount of new players created, and our success with waivers in the past, we are expecting a playoff push. The Marauders are historically a very successful franchise, having won 2 championships in the last 4 seasons, despite only becoming a franchise fairly recently. Our discord locker room has lots of new players like yourself as well as successful alumni to help you on your journey. Quote this post with 'Dropping the Anchor!' if you want to join the Miami Marauders.


Good luck with your career!

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