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As the season started today i'm going to do the day 1 power ranking(TOP 5) in the VHLM:

Number 1:Las Vegas Aces

I put them first because they play extremely well against the Bulls. They allowed a lot of shots on net (38) but Price was there to shut the door. In the first game nobody really got out except for Price who put a save percentage at .947 and GAA of 2,00. The second game was very similar to the first except for shots against they only allowed 16, and put 42 on the bulls goalie. Great job in the PK to 5/6 (83%). It was a very great team effort in both of their games, only allowing 3 goals. I put them first because Ottawa (2nd) allowed 7 goals in two games. It's a bit much when you look at their roster.


Number 2: Ottawa Lynx

The first day went pretty well for Ottawa as they won both of their 2 games. In their first game honorable mention to Jason Lajeunesse who made a hat trick in the first game of the year. We shouldn’t forget about the great game that Matty Live as played with three assists and +3 at the end of a tight game. In their game #2 Ottawa were facing San Diego and came out with their second win of the day. They played another great game in offence with a second 40 plus shots on net but they allowed 33 shots. Matty Live was on fire today with another 3 points game. Great performance for Max Torq and Jason Coiner with 3 and 2 assists respectively. The only reason why I put them second is how Vegas were good defensively otherwise they will be first. They will probably be the team to beat this year.


Number 3:Mississauga Hounds

I put them number 3 even though they only played 1 game because they were able to shut down the good offence of Philadelphia. They only allowed 1 goal and it was a power play goal. I think that everybody is looking for offence but to go far in the playoffs when the play came tight and games finished 2-1 or 1-0 you need to be like Mississauga today. That's why they are that high in my ranking.Honorable mention to Arpa who put a save percentage of .962


Number 4:Halifax 21st

Halifax is my number 4 because they played a hell of a game against probably the best team in the league. They were able to go into overtime against Ottawa even though they were dominated on the shot column. Strong game from their goalie Daniel McGleis with 44 saves.The second game they played was a great battle against Miami. They have the potential to be higher on the list but before that they need to be better on the power play 2/11 is not enough. You need that special unit to be efficient PP and PK.


Number 5:Houston Bulls

Houston didn't have a great start as they fell in the season opener against Vegas if it was only for that game they would be lower on the list. But they came back with the second game they played against Saskatoon. I think their goalie was again in summer break in the first period as they allowed 2 goals on only six shots. I think they spoke in the locker room between the periods and came out in the second with 5 goals on 15 shots. That's the Bulls we are gonna see most of the season, a great offensive team and able to shut down the other team with a good goalie and good defensive play. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my first power ranking. See you next week to see which team was able to climb in the top 5 or fall out of that top 5.


number of words 661 

week ending november 28th

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Review: Article is a good read but the all bold is a bit of an eyesore. In the future I would recommend only bolding titles and the names of teams etc. I would also tag members player that you mention since it drives up engagement and eyes on your articles etc. Everyone wants to read about their player ;) . Id say a solid 7/10 with the possibility of 8.5+ with some format changes and tags.

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