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Ben Dahl a diamond in the rough?

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Ben Dahl isn't a top goalie in the draft but seeing him slowly starting to shine out of nowhere may make him a diamond in the rough. Wihle he does have his flaws he looks like a good long term goalie for a VHL to pick up and develop.


Reaction time and size : Ben Dahl always loves to flex on others how he was the best at dodgeball when he was younger since he was basically impossible to hit even though he was one of the largest in his class.

   His fast reaction time helps him react to pucks faster and be able to make a move on them as fast as he can which all goalies need to get to the next level and to be able to compete at the next level going up against the best of the best. His reaction time combined with his size is a huge combo it's like Kobe and shaq both can Be dominant on their own but if you combine them together you get a absolutely mega monster that is unstoppable and you're gonna need a lot of luck if you want to beat it.

  In conclusion Bens reaction time and size are what make him special and make him stand out in his draft class. Of course though Everything has its downside, which is what's hold him back.


   Skating and agility: People would obviously think that all hockey players are fast with the skates. Well not Ben he just does not have it when it comes to skating. Gues you can see why he is a goalie  he wouldn't even be talked about if he played a different position with how bad his skating is.

  While it may just be his lack of will to train his skating ability it does not look like he will be getting better at it. This also leads into the second issues which is agility he just isn't the fastest all around his size does help make up for this though. It is a big turn off though for a bunch of GMS that want to have a goalie that can sprawl around and make ESPN top ten plays.

Overall though Ben Dahl could be the next diamond in the rough for the VHL. The big question is will he be able to get rid of his flaws or will they haunt and stop him from being a great player?


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